Finding the right exterior signs for your business is a crucial part of hitting the ground running, especially when coming up against well-established Kansas City-area businesses. With the corporate competition so well established, new and smaller businesses must vie quickly for the consumer dollar. Here are three budget-friendly exterior signs that can help you succeed.

Aluminum Panel Signs

aluminum panel signs exterior signage
Aluminum panel signs are great as exterior signs for your Kansas City business.

Flat panel signs are a new trend in the Kansas City signage landscape that are quickly catching on in popularity. Manufactured from durable aluminum, the material is lightweight and therefore suitable for any surface installation. If you prefer a different material, we can also fashion your signage panel from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other composite materials.

With the message digitally imprinted onto the front of the marker, it is possible to quickly change the look of your building’s exterior. Brand your business, market your company and assist consumers with wayfinding by choosing a large aluminum panel that takes up a good bit of space on the façade. This type of signage grabs the eye of anyone walking or driving by.

Post and Panel Signs

post and panel signs
A combination of posts and panels makes an elegant statement for exterior signage.

The versatility associated with this signage product is noteworthy. Choose from basic signs to those that feature ornamentation and lighting options. The most commonly used materials are aluminum or PVC. Notice these types of markers in office parks as well as parking lots of hospital complexes. Post and panel setups allow businesses to put up inexpensive monument signs and other property signage that assists with wayfinding.

Sandblasted Signs

sandblasted signs exterior signage
Sandblasted signs offer a unique look!

For a whimsical look that perfectly brands a historic feel, a small business or a company that specializes in arts and crafts, sandblasted signs are the answer. The material of choice is high-density urethane (HDU). It does not weather and is impervious to insect damage. Wood is another option. After masking off the parts of the signage that are to remain visible, we sandblast the rest of the marker. This creates a backdrop against which your company’s name and logo stand out. Selecting this type of product lets you be noticeable among the big corporations that rely on the more commercial looking signs.

Order Your Budget-Friendly Product Today

When you need exterior business signs in Kansas City, call the technicians at Forerunner Signs & Graphics for assistance. We help you to compete for the consumer dollars with top-rated signage that makes you look like a million bucks but still lets you stay within your budget. Whether you are a long-established business, a new start-up or a successful entrepreneur who is moving into a storefront, we can help you with the markers you need to brand your business.

We work with the artwork that you already have on file or assist you with the creation of a signage product from the ground up. If needed, we also assist you with the creation of complementary signs that underscore the marketing and branding messages of your building marker.