The Kansas City business community is a metropolitan mix of service providers, restaurateurs and retailers. While industrial parks are a big part of the commercial landscape, there are also plenty of smaller companies in need of custom lobby signs. For members of this vibrant business community, Forerunner Signs & Graphics is the signage shop that combines artistic creativity with customization. What are your options?

1. Acrylic Logo Panels

Acrylic panel signs
Acrylic panel signs are a popular choice.

This signage product is at home in the industrial setting just as much as it works wonders in the high-end boutique. Acrylic is an extremely versatile material that welcomes niche-specific style elements for unique branding displays. Whether you select a clear acrylic panel with a vinyl overlay for the display of your lettering and logo, choose a colorful acrylic backing that you enhance with dimensional lettering or combine acrylic and other materials for a marketing display, logo panels are excellent options.

Our clients like the idea that the panel mounts to any type of wall. In addition, the combination of the panel and aluminum offsets further enhances the sophisticated appearance of the signage. When you want your lobby sign to pop but do not want to commit the wall’s entire surface to the display, the logo panel is an attractive signage solution that meets your needs.

2. Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters
Dimensional letters are available in a variety of materials!

Metal, foam, PVC, acrylic and wood are just some of the materials that we routinely use to create dimensional letters. The look of dimensional letters is attractive and can add a dramatic flair to any wall surface. The thicker the letter – foam is an especially good material to select for this – the more pronounced the dramatic effect when working with spotlights.

It is common for clients to use foam for its thickness and then ask us to apply an acrylic or metal laminate for the right look. Foam is paintable, which makes it possible to adapt the look to the surrounding wall surface or to the color of your chosen laminate. Moreover, the combination of foam and a laminate has the potential to save you money when a whole-metal lettering setup is out of your price range.

3. Wall Graphic Lobby Signs

Vinyl Wall Graphic Lobby Signs
Vinyl graphics are great as wall graphic lobby signs!

Choosing wall graphics or murals as reception area office signs for Olathe, KS, is a growing trend in the business community. When you are working with tall walls or are situated in an industrial setting, this is an excellent method for combining artwork with functionality. The murals can be as colorful as you would like. We have worked with clients who have effectively told their company’s story with the help of the mural. Identifying the name and logo became a natural part of the mural setup.

Of course, you do not have to go for the mural. Wall graphics alone do a great job of identifying your company and providing an attractive wall art aspect in the process. We can work with the artwork that you already have on file or create a new look from scratch. We can even adapt your lobby signage’s look to mimic the appearance of your name and logo on the company’s website. This creates an instant sense of recognition in consumers who have thus far interacted with your business via the Internet.