A Guide to Neon Signs for Kansas CityIs there anything more iconic than the neon sign? An emblem of the roaring 1920s, this lighting became the toast of the town and anyone who wanted to be seen after dark would clamor to have one of these signs installed. There are now true connoisseurs among the business community who appreciate the eye-catching brightness of neon signage. If you have been thinking of adding this type of product to your façade, the knowledgeable staff at Forerunner Signs & Graphics wants to make your decision an easy one. We put together this guide to neon signs for Kansas City, which is designed to answer most of your questions.

Q: How are neon signs made?

A: We shape lead glass tubes into the desired forms. This manual process requires expert precision. Our business clients choose tubing with diameters between 8mm and 15mm. When our technician finishes the shapes, the interior of the tubes get a coating of phosphorescent dust. Next, a gas mixture fills the tubes and the finished products are welded together.

Q: Do the signs last for a long time?

How are neon signs made?A: Neon signs are famous for their longevity. Even though it is impossible to predict a sign’s potential lifespan without knowing all aspects of its mounting location, it is not unusual to get multiple decades of use out of this product.

Q: What makes neon signs so popular?

A: Bending the glass tubes is a process that – although technical – also calls for an artistic touch. It is this element of the manufacturing process that has endeared the signage to art aficionados and those with a true appreciation for commercial aesthetics. It therefore, also makes sense for businesses to appeal to this segment of the consumer demographic by continuing to display neon signage.

Q: Who orders this sign product?

A: A large segment of businesses that rely on neon signs is in the hospitality and entertainment industries. Bowling alleys, all-night diners and a broad range of eateries like the way that this product reminds of America’s past. Yet companies with an avant-garde mindset, too, recognize the value of the exterior signage product. It attractively combines the cutting edge of a niche with the historic values of the business community.

Q: What types of sign products can I order?

Kansas City Neon SignsA: There is no limit to the applications of neon signage. Building signs are among the most commonly commissioned products. Yet there are also markers for the interior of your business that would benefit from the use of the technology. Consider wayfinding products, suite signage, bar markers and decorative wall art.

Getting started on your order is easy. Call our professionals to schedule a client consultation. We meet with your management staff to discuss your vision for the product as well as its primary function. Some clients like to use neon signage as an attention getter only while others want it to be their primary building marker. We can accommodate both functions, which ensures that your marketing and branding messages are clearly seen.

By the way, our technicians also service already installed signs. We perform routine maintenance tasks, scheduled cleanings and handle any repairs that you may need over the course of the sign’s display. Call us today to get started on your order.
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