ADA Signs Lee's Summit MOLee’s Summit enjoys the benefits of a vibrant business community that keeps growing as the city’s population grows as well. In the past, Lee’s Summit was ranked among the best cities to live in, which has resulted in a large number of families and entrepreneurs moving in. In addition, the local economy grows stronger because of the tourism that the area attracts. Business owners know that having the right signage in place can make the difference between reeling in foot traffic and watching passersby entering a competitor’s venue. Among the signs that every company needs to consider are those complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA Signs for Lee’s Summit, MO

The law requires the majority of businesses to install markers that assist patrons with visual disabilities to navigate offices, stores and buildings independently. These signs must display pre-defined color contrasts, font selections, letter heights and symbol usage. The law also defines mounting locations and heights. Adding Braille to the signs is another requirement for some of these products. For the average business owner, compliance is a bit of a conundrum.

ADA and Braille Lee's Summit MOLaws have changed, signage designs are adjustable and some businesses are exempt from compliance. Working with an experienced signage maker is to your advantage in this setting. When you contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics, our signage professionals visit your location and help you to discover where you need to put up signs and which areas you are not required to mark with ADA-compliant products. In addition, we take inventory of any compliant signs that you already have, which cuts down on your expense.

You Have Plenty of Options

They might be required by law and have to follow certain specifications, but this does not mean that these signs do not look great! Our graphic artists work with your management team to design signs that meet the color contrast requirements while incorporating your company’s colors into the look. In addition, we ensure that we include your logo and company name. Achieving this look is possible with the selection of signage frames that surround the compliant marker.

Another customization option includes the adjustment of symbols to conform to the overall atmosphere of your location. For example, when your office delights in the display of rounded lines, we can adjust the accepted symbols ADA Compliant Signs Lee's Summit MOfor the stair, elevator or restroom signage to feature rounded lines as well. You are in compliance without interrupting the look and feel of your venue. Our graphic artists will prepare sketches that show you different display options, which could be the perfect fit for your location.

Placing Your Order

Contact our professionals today to schedule your client consultation. The installation of ADA compliant signs in Lee’s Summit, MO, is not optional. That said, you most certainly have the option of integrating these signs perfectly into the overall décor of your business rather than having them look unappealing. By the way, did you know that many of our business clients choose to install ADA-compliant markers even if they do not have to do so? They consider it good business to make their business properties easy to navigate for consumers with visual disabilities, which in turn has the potential to result in higher overall sales.
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