Good church signage is a statement of your church’s hospitality. It means you are expecting guests; and it can make the difference between a frustrating or welcoming experience for these guests and visitors.

Bad or no church signage is a clear sign of a lack of hospitality. It can be perceived that you are not expecting or wanting guests or that you don’t care what their experience is when they pull up to your property.

There are many reasons that church organizations may opt out of investing in signage.  Let’s address them below.

Everyone knows where our church is located. No, they don’t. In fact, most of the time, they haven’t heard of the church or confuse it with another. At Forerunner Signs, we have designed signage for churches in small communities where it was assumed that everyone knows where everything is.  The truth is they don’t. This misconception can really hurt your church’s image and recruitment opportunities.

Our church is small. We don’t need signs for people to get around. Not true. Especially for first-time visitors who you hope will become a member.  Your guests don’t know where to take their children. Your guests don’t automatically know where guest parking spots are. And your guests won’t even know where the restrooms are. Don’t assume the size of your church lets you off the hook. It doesn’t.

It’s easy to get around in our church.  Do you know why it’s so easy to get around in your church? Because you go there. You worship there. You mingle there. You have years of familiarity with your church facilities. Guests and visitors do not.

Remember the Following to Improve the Church-Going Experience for Your Guests:

Signage is not for members. It is for those who are on the outside, many of whom have never visited your church. Have “outsider eyes” when evaluating your signage. Think of that single mom with three small kids. Think of that couple coming to your church for the first time. Think of that person who is looking to your church for the first time as a church home. Look beyond yourselves.

Quality signage is very important. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get quality signage. At Forerunner Signs, our expert team works with you to determine your needs and provides high-quality options to meet your budget.  We’ll double and triple check grammar and design with top-quality materials.  Visitors will think your church doesn’t care if your signs look cheap or if someone didn’t take time to proofread the verbiage.

The primary external church sign very important. Many times, zoning authorities will have specific restrictions on the size and type of signage. Sign professionals can and should help you work within those restrictions while adhering to your brand and needs.

The parking lot should have clear, wayfinding signage. Guests need to know exactly where to park. There should be clear traffic flow signage if needed. Even smaller churches need at least one sign to direct guests.

There should be clear signage pointing to the entry point or entry points of the church. This issue is often taken for granted but it is very important to a guests’ overall experience. Simply stated, guests want to know where to enter the church when they get out of their cars.

Handicap and guest parking signage are necessities. Your church may also wish to have specific signage for senior adult parking, expectant mothers’ parking, and parking for families with preschoolers, to name a few.

Remember, internal signage must have three basic characteristics:  good quality, readable font, and appropriate height.  In addition, ALL signage should be friendly and communicate an attitude of hospitality.

I am a man of faith and my team works hard to design internal and external signage for a variety of religious and faith-based organizations.  We want your guests to have a great experience.  We want them to be wow-ed.  We want them to continue to embrace their faith and we want to help you keep them worshipping with you.

If your church is in need of high-quality signage, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.  From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan