Nobody likes going to the doctor. Not only is it scary, the sterile environment and drab, bare walls can be uninviting. But, if you’re running a medical practice or large medical facility, you can make your facility welcoming and calming with bright graphics and signage.

Sure, running a large medical organization is a big enough challenge without having to worry about how your office looks. Yet, if you want to earn the business and respect of current and potential clients, you need to create a professional, inviting, and comfortable lobby and office space. It can make a world of difference having the proper graphics and signs. This is an affordable way to improve appearance and customer experience.


The reception area sign you pick makes a big difference whether you run a rehabilitation clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care center. Patients usually take note of their surroundings when checking in with the receptionist or while sitting in the waiting room. Often times, the first impression you make is with this sign.

Medical offices can benefit from aluminum dimensional letter signs. Lobby signs made from clear acrylic panels with dimensional letters are also a great solution. One option the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics recommends is to install a high-density urethane sign. This option presents a dramatic flair since these markers supply a three-dimensional effect. These signs work well with a metal or acrylic laminate.


Think back to the last time you went to a doctor’s office. How did you feel? Like many, you were probably full of stress, fear and anxiety. These are natural emotions for patients waiting in a medical facility. Thankfully, as a healthcare provider, there are steps you can take to lessen their anxiety.


Wall murals and art can help set you apart from the medical office down the road. Brightening up the interior décor of your waiting areas and treatment rooms not only improves the patient experience, but brightens the mood of employees as well. High-quality vinyl is a low-cost investment and the digital era allows us to print any images, photos, or designs directly on the vinyl. So, you can update the look of your lobby and other rooms while putting guests at ease.


If you run a healthcare facility that caters to youngsters, the experts at Forerunner can incorporate cartoon characters to keep children entertained while they wait to be seen.

Nobody wants to have to go to a doctor’s appointment. But, you can help them want to keep coming back to your facility should they need to. Not sure what signage and graphics your facility needs to stand out from your competition and improve customer experience? Contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics today. From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan