It’s no secret that companies of all types benefit from exterior and interior, professionally-designed business signs. But, in an area where philanthropy thrives and local charities are just as, if not more, competitive as for-profit companies, the right signs can make a huge difference in their standing and their bottom line. We love the fact that the Kansas City area is home to many charitable organizations and we work hard to help these customers shine.

The mission of Forerunner Signs & Graphics is to not only create and install high-quality signs, but also to elevate an organization’s brand. Most important, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community. And the number one way we do that is to support non-profits throughout the Greater Kansas City area.

Our work with non-profits have helped many worthy organizations generate the awareness they need to sustain their causes for the good work they perform. There are several ways a non-profit can use signs as a valuable resource to create awareness and generate hype in the community. To help your non-profit organization, here are some great non-profit sign ideas you can use to further your worthy cause and increase your funds.

Sponsored Promotion Events
We have seen organizations promote a festival or a local event in their community, helping the non-profit group create awareness of their cause. Many of these groups solicit local businesses to sponsor the event (which Forerunner proudly does for a variety of charities) to help fund the organization. As a way to show their gratitude, the non-profit will highlight those businesses on sponsor-funded banners and promotional material. We love helping the organizations design these collateral pieces. This is a win-win for both the non-profit and the sponsor. As people gather to enjoy a local concert or community arts festival, the non-profit organization has the opportunity to educate the community about their cause, and the local sponsors get some additional advertising and good public relations as a result of their generosity.

Non Profit Charity Activities
Many non-profit charities are always raising funds for their worthy cause by promoting local activities within their community. By creating a few charity signs, both to help promote the upcoming event and to hang at their event for education, charity signs are a great way to get contributions to help the organization’s cause. Whether your organization needs to create a few charity auction signs, some charity sale signs or design custom banners for the event – Forerunner Signs can design and create your needs to fit any budget.

Local Fundraising Opportunities
Non-profits are always raising funds through community driven fundraiser events. We love working with these organizations on fundraising signs to help advertise a fund drive. Our team custom-tailors the signs for each non-profit and we work to make it an effective and affordable solution to getting the word out about their fundraising event.

For charities and non-profits spreading positive and inspiring messages is a necessity. Non-profit signs and graphics are an effective visual communication that help non-profits to spread their values loud and clear.

Signs and graphics help charities and non-profits to:
• Showcase their values and missions
• Attract donors to their cause
• Provide benefits to their constituents
• Recognize donors for their generosity

Forerunner Signs is proud to partner with local and regional non-profit organizations to design, produce and install custom signs, graphics and displays to help these charities reach their goals. From yard signs, a-frames and large vinyl banners to highlight sponsors to interior and exterior building signs to promote their cause, non-profits can truly benefit from signage of all types.

If you are looking to highlight your organization and set it apart from your competition, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs today! From concept to creation to installation, we’re there with you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan