Professional vehicle graphics in Kansas City can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in just a year. Many surveys conducted to find the effectiveness of vehicle wrapped trucks as an advertising medium have discovered that 97 percent of customers can recall the brand displayed on the truck. So, choosing the perfect font for your vehicle plays an integrate part because it should be captivating and easy to read for your customers. Here is a list of few types of font to avoid to eliminate any wrap design disaster.

Fonts that are Illegible

As the vehicle graphics are viewed and often read by the audience while in motion, you should pay great attention to the font size and its legibility. The font you choose should not be difficult to read and/or interpret for your customers. Some complex font styles like Bleeding Cowboy should be avoided because the borderline cannot be distinguished easily.

Fonts that are overused

Some sort of fonts like Trajan and Bank Gothic have been used in vehicle wraps by many industries for a long period of time. Using such types of font for your vehicle graphics would be less pleasing and attractive to your customers. So, choose a unique font that reflects your own style and brand.

Keep these points in your mind to choose the right font that fits your style and create a car sign in Kansas City that stays vivid in the minds of the audience.