If you are in the hotel or hospitality industry, you know that positive customer experiences are vital to keep your business successful.  From great amenities to friendly staff, you work hard to provide the best experience possible.  But, do your customers really know about all of your offerings and where to go for unique services?  Or are you missing some opportunities to promote them? 

Digital signage for your hotel or resort can help! Digital signage has many benefits for hotels and guests. It enables access to timely and relevant information that enhances the overall guest experience. It also drives engagement, helping guests feel more connected with the hotel while reinforcing key aspects of the brand. How else can digital signage benefit your hotel or resort?

Inform guests about offerings and amenities.
Digital displays can provide guests with information about check-in and checkout times, restaurant hours and key amenities like fitness centers, gift shops, spas and conference rooms. In addition to providing basic information, digital signage can promote specials and encourage guests to visit other areas to drive incremental revenue. Targeted messages can be updated in real time to up-sell and cross-sell areas you want to promote.

Help guests navigate your property.
Guests often have questions on where and how to find different areas and usually have to ask hotel staff for directions. Digital signage can automate this activity by providing interactive maps to visitors. These maps can make even the largest hotel complexes seem easy to navigate. Strategically placed at entrances and elevator banks, these signs can also draw visitors to other revenue-generating parts of your hotel such as restaurants, bars, spas and casinos.

Answer guests’ most frequently asked questions.
Digital signage is a great way to present questions that are commonly asked by guests. You can post prices for extra services like spa, massage and laundry — as well as pet policies and continental breakfast schedules. This virtual concierge frees up staff to focus on more pressing needs.

Highlight local attractions for guests.
Taking virtual concierge to the next level, digital signage can be a resource for guests to learn about local attractions, special events and areas of interest. Digital displays can direct guests to landmarks, historical sites, popular attractions and festivals in the area. Promotions can also be highlighted through the use of QR codes that can be scanned to display key offers, coupons or vouchers.

Provide guests with information that matters to them.
Digital signage can provide guests with local weather, stock market updates, flight delays and other information.  This gives guests a higher level of service. Local, regional and national news headlines can be displayed in real time. And key reminders like, “carry an umbrella” or “bring a jacket” can be “triggered” based on weather conditions and displayed to help guests plan ahead.

Display special messages to welcome groups, events and conferences.
When a hotel hosts a wedding party, conference or convention, digital signage can display personalized welcome messages and even specific messages for attending guests. This saves front desk staff time and headaches from the onslaught of questions from conference attendees or guests. Digital signage can speak for the hotel, streamlining processes and preventing bottlenecks at the front desk. As conference agendas change, signage such as digital door displays outside conference rooms can immediately be updated with the latest schedule.

Alert guests to emergencies or inclement weather. 
In the event of extreme weather conditions or other times when information is critical, digital signage can efficiently and effectively update guests. Think of tornadic or hurricane situations.  Digital signage can not only warn guests, but tell them where they need to go.

Generate a profit stream by selling advertising.
Making money on your signage sounds good, right? Digital signage can be used to display advertising for business that are local, regional or national. Transportation, restaurants, spas and other organizations can purchase advertising space that can run on hotel signage. Why not have a local business sponsor your hotel restaurant’s menu? Or conference room?

The possibilities for digital signage in hotels and resorts are almost endless. You can improve customer service, drive incremental profit, increase staff efficiency and deliver enhanced guest experiences. For more information on how to incorporate digital signage into your business, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics!