Attention Faith-Based Organizations! Your Followers Want to See You!

It’s something you may not think about when you think about your faith.  But where you worship is a choice. And just like the for-profit world, churches, synagogues, temples and mosques face fierce competition.  Having the right signage can help attract individuals and families to your parish while your congregation, community, family keeps them coming […]

Attention Churches! Your Signage Matters!

Good church signage is a statement of your church’s hospitality. It means you are expecting guests; and it can make the difference between a frustrating or welcoming experience for these guests and visitors. Bad or no church signage is a clear sign of a lack of hospitality. It can be perceived that you are not […]

What Church Signs Are Available in Kansas City?

Whether your faith community has been around for a long time or has just started worshiping at a new location, having the right interior and exterior signs for churches in Kansas City can make a huge difference with respect to attendance. Signage encourages new visitors to come and check out your congregation while it also […]