If you’re in the market for attention-grabbing signage, there are a variety of reasons why LED illuminated signs could be the best choice for you.  Choosing a sign can be a task that requires extensive thinking. With so many different types of signs, how would you know if lighted signs are the way to go? What is […]

Attention Retailers! Get Your Signage in the Holiday Spirit!

You might not be prepared to throw on an ugly Christmas sweater or sing carols yet, but it IS time to order and install your holiday in-store signage. The holiday season can represent anywhere from 20% –40% of annual sales for many businesses.  A key component to your holiday campaign needs to include your holiday […]

Cost and Benefits of Business Signage

Every major chain that exists today started out as a small business. What these major chains realized early on is that there is great power in high-quality signs and graphics. Signage, along with a successful business plan, helped brand and grow their business. Even McDonald’s started out as a one-location burger place, and now there […]

When Your LED Sign Malfunctions, Your Business Suffers!

LED signs are growing in popularity but, like all things, sometimes these high-quality signs can malfunction.  While the team at Forerunner Signs & Graphics are experienced in designing and installing LED signs of all types, we can actually be called in to repair or provide maintenance to an existing sign.  When a sign is broken, […]

Attention Retailers: LED Displays Lead Customers Your Way!

It may seem difficult to imagine winter right now.  As temperatures soar in the upper ‘90s in the Kansas City area, the thought of snow, Thanksgiving and the holiday season could actually be a welcome relief.  However, if you are a retailer in a crowded mall, those thoughts should have you thinking not about cooler […]

The Benefits of LED Signs for Your Business

If you’re not using an outdoor LED sign for your retail business, you’re not just behind the times, you’re behind your competitors.  In fact, outdoor LED signs have been proven to increase sales and community awareness. Though retailers are obvious benefactors of outdoor, LED signage, any business with little to no budget for advertising can […]

To Illuminate or Not to Illuminate – That’s the Signage Question

When a business is determining what type of sign to get for their building, the decision can be overwhelming.  When it is decided that a channel-letter sign would be the best fit for their needs, the next step is to decide whether the sign should be illuminated or not.  And many of the customers we […]

Let There Be Light…

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, a lot of people come to us for advice on what type of signage would benefit their business.  And what would be the most impactful given their budget.  There are a lot of choices out there and I want to make sure the businesses we serve get the most bang […]

Custom Illuminated Lobby Sign for Health Center in Leawood KS

The Catalyst Health Center serves patients in need of chiropractic treatments. The professionals at this venue take great care to educate their patients about the science behind chiropractic medicine, anticipated outcomes of their treatments and lifestyle enhancements that will support the success of the care. This is a modern approach to a branch of medicine […]

Using LED and Neon Signs Inside Your Business!

You already know that Forerunner Signs & Graphics is your go-to expert for exterior LED and neon signs for Kansas City. Yet did you also know that our graphic artists also specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of these types of signs for the inside of your company space? Illumination Draws the Eye Lit […]