Underneath the Neon Sign

The Kinks’ hit from the 70s is a nostalgic look into the life of a man guided by neon lights.  Through the darkness of the night, he let the neon signs remind him of where he was and where he needed to go.  Signs, literally and figuratively, serve that purpose – they provide direction. When […]

The Unprecedented Benefits of Neon Signs for Your Business

The bright glow and the eerie colors of a neon signage make them a great marketing tool for most types of businesses. The real magic of a neon light comes out late in the night and keeps the business alive even during the odd hours of the day. Neon sign maintenance is easy and neon […]

Get your Business Noticed anytime with Neon Signs

Business signs work best when they capture the attention of a large amount of people. Some signs are mounted with only the purpose of letting customers know about the existence of a business. This can be greatly fulfilled with neon business signs. Wondering how? Read on: Neon Lights Neon lights are generally glass tubes that […]

Using LED and Neon Signs Inside Your Business!

You already know that Forerunner Signs & Graphics is your go-to expert for exterior LED and neon signs for Kansas City. Yet did you also know that our graphic artists also specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of these types of signs for the inside of your company space? Illumination Draws the Eye Lit […]

A Guide to Neon Signs!

Is there anything more iconic than the neon sign? An emblem of the roaring 1920s, this lighting became the toast of the town and anyone who wanted to be seen after dark would clamor to have one of these signs installed. There are now true connoisseurs among the business community who appreciate the eye-catching brightness […]