If you’re in the market for attention-grabbing signage, there are a variety of reasons why LED illuminated signs could be the best choice for you.  Choosing a sign can be a task that requires extensive thinking. With so many different types of signs, how would you know if lighted signs are the way to go? What is […]

The Benefits of LED Signs for Your Business

If you’re not using an outdoor LED sign for your retail business, you’re not just behind the times, you’re behind your competitors.  In fact, outdoor LED signs have been proven to increase sales and community awareness. Though retailers are obvious benefactors of outdoor, LED signage, any business with little to no budget for advertising can […]

Attention Non-Profits! Your Signs Matter!

It’s no secret that companies of all types benefit from exterior and interior, professionally-designed business signs. But, in an area where philanthropy thrives and local charities are just as, if not more, competitive as for-profit companies, the right signs can make a huge difference in their standing and their bottom line. We love the fact […]

Grammatical Errors On Signage Can Be Costly

This month, a sign promoting Visit KC went viral for all the wrong reasons.  A large sign in their window appeared to have a typo that changed the meaning of their message to one of vulgarity.  While it appears to have been a hoax, it does help reinforce the importance of proofreading.  After all, you […]

‘Tis the Season for Outdoor Events

Summer is right around the corner – though it may not seem like it with the roller coaster of temperatures – and with it comes a variety of outdoor events.  From big, outdoor concerts or rallies to an outdoor festival or charity golf tournament, the signage you choose to promote your event could determine its […]

Can Your Sign Stand Up to Harsh Weather?

With the changing weather, it’s a good time to evaluate whether or not your exterior business sign can withstand the harsh conditions that will soon be coming our way.  After all, in Denver, they’ve already experienced an ice storm.  In the Greater Kansas City area, we have seen temperature fluctuate so drastically, that we’re hesitant […]

Let There Be Light…

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, a lot of people come to us for advice on what type of signage would benefit their business.  And what would be the most impactful given their budget.  There are a lot of choices out there and I want to make sure the businesses we serve get the most bang […]

Upgrade Your Sign. Elevate Your Brand.

It’s a fact.  Business signs are essential to your company’s marketing efforts. After all, signs tell your customers what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. Outdated signs aren’t going to help you form new customer relationships. If you have an outdated, broken or rusty sign, it’s time for an upgrade! When you […]

Don’t Play Hide and Seek With Your Business

Your business will lose out.  Your customers will go somewhere else.  When people have to search for your business because it is so hidden, they will go to the more convenient, more visible business.  Once they step foot in your competitor’s doors, you may lose those potential customers for good. Don’t Hide, Be Seen It’s […]

Three Outdoor Signage Maintenance Tips

Outdoor signage is a great marketing tool and an easy way to capture the best opportunities within the community. Custom outdoor signs and monuments signs are quite a substantial investment and businesses must take care of these tools in order to leverage the best benefits of the investment. Listed below are some simple yet effective […]