Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a sign shop? We have gotten many questions about box truck wraps for Greensboro, NC, grocers, retailers and service providers lately. Folks want to know if it is possible to wrap a large vehicle’s sides and back with graphics that draw the eye and expertly represent the company’s brand. We know that it can be done. Now, we show you how.

YouTube Tells the Story in 48 Seconds

Sure, we have sped up the camera process. After all, not even the most dedicated client will sit through hours of prepping a vehicle and then applying the wrap product. Even so, our YouTube video on box truck wraps details how our technicians work as a team to turn every inch of a large box truck into a marketing canvas that positions the company’s brand to its fullest advantage.

What We Did Not Show You

It starts with the design consultation. Our graphic artists work with the company’s management team to put together the look of the wrap. We discuss the placement of images, lettering and logos. We help the client to decide on a message and its display. In addition, we work with the business to choose seasonal style elements as needed.

Next, we manufacture the wrap. Using our HP Latex 360 inkjet large format printer, we prepare the wrap in sheets. The material is Avery MPI 1005 SC EZRS vinyl with an Avery DOL1060 Gloss Cast overlam. This combination creates a durable display that withstands weather and sunlight damage. Once the sheets are finished, we meticulously clean the vehicle to ensure that no dirt and sand particles stand between the wrap and the surface.

Here is What We Did Show You

You see our technicians work together to apply the sheets that make up the wrap. The trick here is to coordinate the movements so that the sheets go on straight the first time around. In addition, we factor in any rivets and metal borders that affect the wrap’s straight application. Another tricky part is the installation of the second and subsequent sheets with an eye on seam management. There is no room for error.

Look closely; our technicians take a bit of time positioning the panels before removing the protective strips from the adhesive. As they work their way around the vehicle, they continue this process of assessing, positioning and applying. Movable parts are a particular challenge. This is why the back of the vehicle with its opening door took a bit of extra time. Getting it just right prevents any tears in the material when the panels slide open or close up again.

Do You Have a Box Truck that Needs Wrapping?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your box truck wraps in Greensboro, NC. Of course, we also wrap other vehicles. Whether you have a full-size truck, a passenger vehicle, a van or a scooter, if you can drive it into the shop, we can wrap it. Call us today to find out how to get started on the process.
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Ready to Wrap Your Box Truck?