Custom Monument Signs In Kansas City

Getting a custom monument sign is a great way to increase your organization’s presence in the community without having to worry about local ordinances and regulations. Since they’re low to the ground, they attract attention from potential clients and stay compliant with height restrictions.

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we customize your sign based on your wants and needs. We listen to your ideas, create a design and then build it in the shape and with the material you choose.

Architectural Freestanding Building Sign

These architectural monument signs are designed and crafted with a variety of innovative light weight, yet durable materials designed specifically for long term outdoor use. The facades can include wood, stucco, brick, stone, or any type of surface to match the style of the building. To be seen at night, these signs can be illuminated from within or list by external flood type lights.

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is typically created using a single cabinet set atop a pole or positioned between tall poles. These signs are specifically designed to support multiple tenants. Pylon signs attract pedestrian and driver's attention and help them identify businesses within busy complexes. When designing your section of signage keep it large, simple and high contrast. Pylon signs are usually internally illuminated to attract shoppers to the mall or center day and night.

Outdoor Directory Signs

Outdoor directory signs are most commonly seen in multi-tenant business parks or buildings. They are also often used in retail areas with restrictive sign regulations that prevent the use of illuminated signage or colorful branding. While this may not seem as exciting as other types of monuments signs, keep in mind how important it is for your customer or guest to be reassured that they have arrived at the right destination. Make sure your business is included on your building roadside directory.

Digital Display

This is, hands down, the flashiest monument sign of all - the digital display. These signs are typically used for entertainment centers, retail businesses, schools, churches and other organizations with a dedicated building and an active schedule of events or promotional offers. These signs provide identity, but also provide important messages about current or upcoming events or promotional offers. The illumination and movement make them impossible to miss.

There are many different types of monument signs. We will work with you to make sure you get the style and look you want using the best material for your needs.

Monument signs provide companies with high-quality signage that reflects the aesthetic of the organization and spotlights key products and services. Contact us today. Let us make a monumental difference in the growth of your business!

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