Car Sign Mistakes to Avoid as an AdvertiserChoosing to hire a sign company to install vehicle graphics for your business trucks and vans can prove to be an effective and cost-effective method of advertising. However, if done poorly, can cost your business more than just money. Here are some common mistakes you want to avoid when getting a car sign for your business vehicles –

When Choosing a Vendor

Avoid making a decision entirely on price. You also want to take into account the quality of work the vendor offers and the durability of the work they do. Also avoid working with a vendor that has little understanding of your fleet specification. They need to have clear understanding on how to execute a design on your fleet. Also make sure the company understands your business requirements and spends time with your understanding your goals.

Choosing the Right Graphic

Avoid using different designs for different body styles. The more consistent your vehicle design will be the easier it will be for your audience to recognize your brand. Avoid putting too much clutter in your design. You needn’t include everything you do or make. Highlight your USP and provide your contact information so that your audience can contact you. Complicated designs will also present challenges in installation and finding matching reprints when your vehicles go through wear and tear over a period of time.

After installation, avoid power-washing the vehicle, especially with hot water. Also avoid trying to cram all the information into a small space. This may work against your brand image.