branding with contractor vehicle graphics
Brand your business fast with contractor vehicle graphics!

As a contractor, you usually visit your clients at their homes or workplaces. Residential or commercial plumbers, electricians and roofers rely on vehicles to bring tools, equipment and materials to the job sites. Yet, if your vehicle is nondescript, it says nothing about your business. Business professionals who know this frequently call Forerunner Signs & Graphics for information on how to heighten their contracting companies’ exposure with vehicle graphics. We have compiled the most commonly asked questions – and their answers – to help you consider an investment in contractor vehicle graphics.

Q: Does it really matter if my delivery van features graphics?

A: Even if your delivery van is only at your job sites for brief periods, your company misses potential marketing and branding opportunities if it is left untreated. A nondescript vehicle does not advertise. Remember also that the duration of the vehicle’s stay is not the only time when graphics assist with marketing. The drives to and from the job site also provide you with opportunities to enhance your company’s exposure.

Q: Are contractor graphics really that influencing?

fleet truck lettering
Add truck lettering to your fleet!

A: When you consider that a treated vehicle generates between 30,000 and 70,000 daily impressions, it makes sense that you want to treat the work truck your crew travels in, the van that brings the supplies and the trailer that holds the equipment. Consumers take notice of the vehicles whether they are parked, driving down the street, picking up supplies or getting gas at the gas station. Your message never goes offline. In addition, when you treat multiple vehicles or an entire fleet, you multiply the impressions by the number of vehicles you have on the road. The influence you can have on the consumer is staggering.

Q: What are the options?

A: Vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics are among the most commonly chosen displays. They present your company’s name and logo to the public. This generates name recognition and creates brand awareness. Heightening the effect are niche-specific graphics that turn heads and grab the eye. When you have a vehicle with a color that ties in with your logo color, we usually recommend a partial wrap. This treatment covers part of the vehicle and uses its color to heighten the message’s effect. When your car is not as pristine-looking as you would like it to be, we can install a full wrap that covers all the surfaces with your marketing message. By turning your work truck into a movable billboard you are sure to get plenty of attention.

Q: This sounds great. But can you treat my vehicle?

advertise with vehicle graphics
Advertise 24/7, even when parked!

A: Contractor vehicle graphics for Kansas City professionals fit on all types of conveyances. Whether you ride a scooter to the job site or pull up in a tractor-trailer, we can treat the vehicle’s exterior to display your company’s information. There is no need to drive bland vehicles any longer.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Investing in contractor vehicle graphics starts with a phone call to our technicians. We work with you to design a lettering and graphics setup that uses the space your vehicle provides for maximum effectiveness. We show you what the proposed display looks like before we manufacture the style elements and install them.