The Catalyst Health Center serves patients in need of chiropractic treatments. The professionals at this venue take great care to educate their patients about the science behind chiropractic medicine, anticipated outcomes of their treatments and lifestyle enhancements that will support the success of the care. This is a modern approach to a branch of medicine that has long-standing traditions to support its effectiveness.

Custom Illuminated Lobby Signs Leawood KS

To underscore the modern-day relevance, the health care center’s management sought to commission a customized lobby sign that would be different from other types of foyer markers. Could the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics make this happen for the client? You bet!

Designing a Custom Illuminated Lobby Sign for a Health Care Center in Leawood, KS

Standing out from others in the niche is an important aspect of being and staying competitive. Signage supports this goal. It helps the venue to set the tone for the experience that patients may expect to have there. After meeting with the management team, we sketched out a sign setup that was unlike any other you would expect to see at a chiropractic office.

Upon client approval, we manufactured the sign that relies on clear acrylic with polished edges for its visual appeal. At a thickness of one-half of one inch and a weight of 400 pounds, this impressive sign takes up the better part of a wall. The see-through option enhances the look of the frosted crystal window graphics at the top. They display the name of the venue as well as its logo.

Lobby signs Leawood KSWhat sets apart this signage solution from other lobby markers, aside from its massive size, is the internal illumination that uses blue light-emitting diodes. Not only do they present this marker well in its setting, but they also actively enhance the office’s atmosphere with an avant-garde yet friendly touch.

Finding Ways to Differentiate Yourself During the Welcome

Welcoming new customers to your business is easy with the right signage in place. The lobby sign is the premier product solution that tells the consumer a little bit about your company’s approach to doing business while also communicating your branding message. When you want to differentiate yourself from others in your niche, choosing a lobby sign that stands out is a great idea. If the acrylic setup of the Catalyst Health Center is not what you had in mind, consider the use of wall graphics.

This is a budget-friendly solution that allows you to instantly change the look and feel of your office with little more than digitally imprinted vinyl. Opt for a whole-wall mural or simply a set of wall graphics. Displaying your company’s name and logo in this manner results in a wall art display that not many of your competitors offer. Another option is the design of an acrylic logo board with layered signage components. Of course, when you really want something that stands out, talk to our graphic artists about full customization.

Whether you need lobby signs for medical centers in Leawood, KS, or any other signage type for your office, our experts can help. Call us today to discuss your signage needs.
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