This month, the Greater Kansas City area was hit with a lot of rain and storms that downed power lines – affecting hundreds of thousands.  Unfortunately, many of our fellow business owners suffered great losses to their properties.  In addition to the interior destruction, many signs – interior and exterior – were damaged or completely destroyed. Right now, we pray for the families and business owners affected by Hurricane Harvey who are experiencing devastation that those of us in Kansas and Missouri can only imagine.


While Mother Nature does take a toll on a business’ signage, there are other factors that influence the need for replacements.  Take a look at the signs on the inside and the outside of your business. How are they looking? Are they falling apart?


When it comes to your business’ indoor and outdoor signs, it’s important to keep them well-maintained and updated after a few years. Why? To put it simply, your signage may be the most important factor when it comes to attracting new and old customers.  And for the businesses that were impacted by our storms, it’s important that old and new customers, alike, know that you are open for business (once your business is open for business).


When replacing or updating your sign, make sure it is high-quality and stands out!  People are drawn to businesses with great signage, since it’s one of the main factors that sets a business apart from its competitors.

Apart from a natural disaster, how do you know when it’s time to update your business’ indoor and outdoor signs?

Here are 5 signs to that it might be time to get new business signs:


  1. Your old sign is broken or damaged

If your sign is broken or damaged, that’s a clear indication that you need a sign change. Broken signs with chipped paint, weather damage, broken bulbs, or missing parts are all perfectly reasonable justifications for updating your signage. Customers aren’t attracted to broken down signs. In fact, they’re more likely to look at your business in a negative light. Therefore, it’s important to show your customers that you’re committed to keeping your business looking well-kept and nicely maintained.


  1. You bought the first sign on a budget

A sign is the first thing that people will see when they set eyes on your business. If your sign appears to be cheap and only took a few minutes to create, customers will be turned off. In fact, they may take it as a sign that you do not take the business seriously. A well-done, well-designed sign is an investment that is sure to go a long way.


  1. It’s old-fashioned and outdated

If your sign looks outdated, it may be time to get a new sign that fits with more with modern-day designs. If your sign appears to be dull and boring compared to other neighborhood signs, it may be time for a re-design. Change your sign to one that is more eye-catching and attractive.


  1. Your sign just doesn’t work for your business

Signs typically tell what a business is all about. If your sign is confusing, many customers may not even know what you stand for. A sign should be an identifying factor for your business. Find a sign that represents what you stand for and is unique and true to your business. It’ll be one of the smartest things you’ll ever do for your business.


  1. You’ve never changed it at all

If you’ve been in business for 10 years and you’ve never updated your sign, it might be time for a change. A new sign shows your commitment to keeping your business nicely maintained and updated.


A great sign will leave a positive impression on your customers. Don’t let a damaged, broken or outdated sign hurt and/or drive away your business. Try to update your signs every few years. Your business will thank you for it.

Need a new sign?  Contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics – a local company caring for YOUR business!

Michael Ryan