ada-signs-for-people-with-disabilitiesSignage experts are often asked the relevance of installing ADA signs in business or commercial establishments. Most businesses today install ADA signs in and around their facility. So, what’s the relevance of these business signs? Read on to know more:

ADA – An Overview:

ADA refers to The Americans with Disabilities Act that is passed to ensure equal rights to every American citizen. People with disabilities often encounter difficulties in gaining access to information and buildings in the same way as those who don’t have such disabilities.

There are certain rules and standards that have to be followed while installing these signs. If you are installing it for the first time, it has to comply with the 2010 standards. For temporary signs, ADA standards aren’t mandatory.

ADA Signs:

Here are some guidelines you have to follow while installing ADA signs:

  1. ADA signs should be placed at an appropriate height that’s accessible for physically challenged people. They should never be placed more than 80 inches from the floor.
  1. Size also matters. The best is to have letters having a height of two inches. Make it larger, if they are to be read from a distance.
  1. The signs should contain nothing more than a pictogram. Letters and pictograms must have contrast colors with the background. It must either be black on white background or white on black background.

Installing ADA compliant signs will help customers with disabilities in great ways. Additionally, this can also leverage the credibility and value of your brand as you exhibit your care and concern for them. Contact a signs company in Kansas City today to get help with creating and mounting ADA signs.