Directional Signs for Industrial Parks in Olathe KSLocated in Johnson County, Olathe is near Overland Park and Gardner. The city’s economy relies in large part on the success of its industrial parks. These commercial hubs are home to companies such as Garmin and Honeywell. To enhance the experience of consumers and business-to-business interactions in those areas, many firms and management companies overseeing the parks rely on the right directional signage mix. What are your options when considering exterior wayfinding signs for industrial parks in Olathe, KS?

From a Management Point of View

Directional signs are an essential component to any industrial park’s commercial success. A drab complex that is hard to traverse is also next to impossible to rent out completely. Besides, companies doing business there will not stick around for long if the exterior does not lend itself to the creation of a positive image. Several types of wayfinding signs are ideal.

For the Business

When you run your business out of an industrial park, you have many signage options. For starters, consider color-coordinating signage identifying loading docks, business offices, and showroom floors. If the park’s management company has installed maps, adapt your color coordination to the color scheme assigned to your business. From there, it is easy to work with your company’s colors as a secondary hue.

Other directional signage displays well in the parking lot. Consider the installation of an eight-foot-tall pylon with the various destinations that customers, investors or business clients would be seeking out. Place arrows next to these locations to identify the direction where they can be found. Installing several of these around your property makes it possible for first-time visitors to gain a quick understanding of the park’s layout as well as your company’s setup.

Exterior Wayfinding Signs Olathe KSAnother group of products suitable as exterior wayfinding signs for industrial parks in Olathe, KS, is made up of aluminum boards installed to the fencing. When you have multiple gates or fenced areas in this setting, the use of this signage product also adds a bit of pizzazz to the look. Aluminum with colorful vinyl overlays has the power to soften the industrial look of the area and highlight your company’s colors in the process.

When you are ready to discuss new exterior wayfinding signs for your industrial park location, contact our graphic artists for more information.
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