Kansas City Vehicle WrapsIt is a common misconception that the cold days of fall signal the end of the vehicle wrap installation season. Some business owners believe – incorrectly – that their window of opportunity for mobile marketing has closed for the year. This is incorrect! In fact, the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics know that fall and winter are excellent times for installing Kansas City vehicle wraps consumers respond to so well.

We Have a Shop Prepared for Cold Weather Work

Although other signage makers may not have thought to invest in outfitting their shops, we have proactively installed heaters that maintain a consistent temperature. This allows us to keep the vinyl sheets pliable, which is essential for successful installations. In the summer, Mother Nature handles the temperature for us. In fall and winter, we help her with the use of carefully spaced heating units.

Our Technicians Understand Winter Scheduling

Vehicle Wraps for Kansas CityThe drop-off time of the vehicle is an integral part of a successful wrap install. If there has been snow on the ground, there is a good chance that you also have de-icer on the vehicle. As a result, one of our first tasks is a complete washing of the automobile. Since we need the car, truck or van to be completely dry before we can install the product, we like to schedule drop-offs the night before the actual wrap installation date.

This allows us to prepare the vehicle and let it air-dry overnight. In summer, the drying process is quick. In winter – even with our heaters in place – it takes a little longer. By the way, we usually also hold on to the vehicle for a few extra hours. Our goal is to allow the vinyl adhesives to cure completely before handing you the keys. In exchange for a great-looking vehicle, our business clients do not mind this minor scheduling difference at all.

Yes, Wraps Do Great in Winter

Full Vehicle Wraps Kansas CityWraps are perfectly fine for winter installation because they will do well no matter how low the temperatures drop. In addition to preparing the vehicle with greatest care, we also ensure proper edge-sealing of the product along bumpers and wheels. This prevents any de-icing products from getting underneath the vinyl. When you pick up your vehicle, our pros walk you through the winter care that your wrapped vehicle needs. This sounds like a labor-intensive process, but it really just refers to the need for wiping off salt and de-icing agents, which is what you would do with any car to protect its paintjob.

Commission Your Wrap Fall or Winter Installation

Contact our pros to schedule the design and installation of your vehicle wraps. Kansas City consumers continue to respond well to the message that mobile marketing brings to the streets and local communities. Whether you need a full or partial wrap, our technicians ensure that your vehicle looks its best and displays your marketing message for years to come. Stand out in a drab winter landscape with the splashes of color that your vehicle features.
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