Finding a way to make your business or brand stand out among the masses can be a constant challenge. Quickly rising in popularity, floor graphics are an out-of-the-box option to promote your message in a unique way and quickly grab your audience’s attention. Aside from their traditional placement on the floor, designs can also be placed on walls, stairs and stairwells, outside, and even the ceiling.

Using detailed, vibrant images, floor graphic displays enable you to promote an event, reach your customers as they shop, direct traffic, create brand identity, or even decorate for a special event. 

Benefits of Floor Graphics

One of the main benefits of using floor graphics is their versatility. Many businesses use floor graphics in the lobbies of their offices to present their company logo for immediate impact. Users of floor graphics in the retail industry have long praised this medium for its space-saving ability, positioning them in key points throughout a store to call attention to key promotions or assist with point-of-sale conversions.

Many retail stores see a large increase in sales when they use floor graphics in their advertising efforts, because many people will not look up from their shopping to see sales, but will notice an advertisement on the floor. If you can make the buying experience fun, then you are more likely to connect with your audience and influence their buying process. Children especially love following trails of colorful floor graphics and will bring their parents along with them on their journey, which puts your product in front of them.

Offering one of the highest returns based on price per square foot, floor graphics are one of the most inexpensive advertising mediums on the market. Additionally, they are easily installed and quickly removed without damaging your flooring.

Research Says So

A study conducted by Retail Industry Solutions and Cognizant found that four out of five purchases are still made in brick and mortar stores. Using the right floor advertising can be just the call to action a shopper needs.  Here’s why floor graphics can turn their trip into transactions:

Although floor advertising is a proven way to impact consumers at the point of decision, it’s often underused. But, retailers that have adopted this marketing approach have seen an increase in sales.

Creative Ways to Deploy Floor Advertising

There is a wide variety of ways that floor advertising can be used to boost in-store sales. A floor advertisement used as an “entrance mat” near the door will attract shoppers into the store. They can be used to highlight new products, publicize special promotions, or reinforce messages conveyed through other forms of advertising such as print or television. For retailers that sell small products, floor advertising is an innovative way to draw attention to items that might otherwise be overlooked on the shelf.

If your floor isn’t working for you, it could be!  For more information on how floor graphics and advertising can help your business boost sales, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics. We transform unused floor and counter surfaces into promotional opportunities.