Any exterior sign will eventually fade, warp, crack or break. When this happens, you obviously need to repair your sign. But what are the causes of sign damage? How can these issues be fixed, or more importantly, prevented?

Take a look at the various causes of exterior sign damage and how to fix and prevent these problems from happening.  Then contact your insurance agent to see if any damage can be covered under your existing policy.

Causes of Exterior Sign Damage

Exterior signs have to put up with a lot. They get rained on. They deal with the harsh sun. If they’re made of wood, they may have insects eating their way through the sign. All of these problems can cause damage to occur.

Rain can cause your sign to rust, while sunlight can cause warping or fading. If there is strong wind due to a storm, your exterior sign could be in danger of getting ripped or torn from the wall or pole it’s attached to.

The age of your sign is also a factor in its risk of needing repair. All signs that are outside for years will eventually have paint that is cracking or peeling, requiring a fresh coat.

How to Fix and Even Prevent Damage

If your sign is already damaged, the only thing you can do is fix it as soon as possible. If the paint is faded or peeling, remove it and put a nice, new coat on your sign. If your exterior sign is broken in any way, you probably will need to call in a signage expert to fix it. It’s best if you don’t try to repair it yourself, as some signs are high up on exterior walls or poles.

There are ways that you can prevent damage to your exterior sign, however. You can choose signage materials that are resistant to insect damage, such as aluminum and other metals. If your sign happens to be wood, you can treat it with special coatings to protect it against the elements. Whenever your sign needs a new paint job, make sure to get to it as soon as possible.

Get Your Exterior Sign Repaired Today

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we know that exterior signs are an essential part of every business. So, when you need your signs repaired, call us. We are your source for sign repair and restoration!

Contact Your Insurance Agent

When you think about commercial property insurance, you likely think about desks, chairs, computers, buildings and the like. But there is far more than that to consider for comprehensive coverage. Storms, downed power lines, vandals and other external factors could cause damage to the property that is not contained within the walls of the building- like your outdoor signage.

This signage tells people who you are. It gives customers their first impressions of your business. It welcomes clients in. Whatever your business, if you have outdoor signs, they are important aspects of what you do each day.  So, if it is ruined, it could impact your bottom line.

However, standard commercial property insurance policies do not come with coverage for outdoor signs. But don’t let that deflate you! Many business policies, such as a business owner’s policy (BOP), are customizable and allow you to add on any extra coverages to suit the unique needs of your business. For a small addition to your premium, you can add coverage for your outdoor signs to protect them against damage, loss, theft and vandalism.

You wouldn’t want to walk in to work one day, only to notice the sign signifying the name of your business is missing or damaged. Such damage could affect your business’ profitability, particularly if you rely on a lot of foot traffic in your daily operations.  Contact your insurance agent to see if replacing or repairing your sign is covered.  Either way, Forerunner Signs and Graphics would be honored to help your business get back to business by repairing, replacing or redesigning your damaged exterior signage!