Lobby signs for the healthcare industry Leawood KSLocated in Johnson County, the City of Leawood is home to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Doctor’s Hospital and a broad range of healthcare service providers. Offices range from in-patient facilities to outpatient surgical centers. Rehabilitation and specialty service providers also operate out of the city. All of these professionals have one thing in common: the need for excellent healthcare industry signage in Leawood, KS.

Lobby Signs Welcome Patients and Caregivers

The reception area signage is frequently the first interaction that your office has with a patient or caregiver. This sign communicates your approach to doing business. It should calm anxious patients, underscore your commitment to excellence and identify you as a professional who has been a success in the healthcare industry. Doing so is possible with the right selection of materials, designs, style elements and even mounting options.

Door Lettering Informs and Welcomes

Window Lettering for the Healthcare Industry Leawood KSThe letters on your suite door ensure that patients know they have come to the right place. They spell out your name, suite number and specialty. Lettering may also disclose office hours and must-know information such as parking validation policies or scheduling requirements for certain procedures. The lettering may feature the same types of materials that you select for your lobby sign. If you have a glass pane for a door, vinyl window graphics and lettering get the job done.

Directory Signage for the Parking Lot and Building Lobby

It is easy for patients to get frustrated when they must navigate a larger property without help. Directory signage eliminates frustration and provides excellent wayfinding assistance. For example, place a post and panel sign in the parking lot. Identify the most commonly sought out destinations. Examples might include the business office, a patient drop-off location and a broad range of specialty provider offices.

Whether you are dealing with multiple buildings or just one general lobby that offers access to multiple wings, an interior directory is a necessity. Clearly spell out the names of the healthcare providers, their suite numbers and any additional information patients may need. Some property managers have begun displaying two directories; one spells out the names of service providers with associated room numbers in alphabetical order while the other one shows the suite numbers in numerical order.

ADA Signs Provide Accessibility

ADA Signs for the Healthcare Industry Leawood KSThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) spells out the legal requirements of signage that is designed to assist those with visual disabilities as well as those with cognitive challenges. Rules govern the design of these markers, font usage, color selections and mounting locations as well as heights. Working with a knowledgeable signage maker ensures that your clinic, office or facility is in full compliance with the law. Since the rules do not apply equally to all settings, it is crucial to be aware how the requirements pertain to your particular venue.

Discuss your healthcare lobby signs for Leawood, KS – as well as any other types of facility signage options – with the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics. Our experts work with you to put together a comprehensive signage package that makes your clinic or office accessible, easy to navigate and properly brands your business.
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