We understand that the cost of a new sign is an investment for your business. As experts in the sign industry, we see first -hand how these signs can positively affect the profitability and financial health of an organizations of all types and sizes.  And whether it’s a holiday gift or a strategic business decision for your business, quality signage is literally the gift that keeps on giving.


A sign is the only advertising medium that a company OWNS; a fixed expenditure on a permanent asset. All other forms of advertising are temporary and a repeated expense. Spread across its lifetime, a sign delivers a much lower cost-per-thousand exposure than other advertising mediums.

In addition, the advertising landscape has changed drastically in recent years, and this change only continues to accelerate. Traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective and new forms of advertising are becoming increasingly expensive.

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we advise a business that is already using a variety of media advertising without an electronic message center to divert some of those advertising dollars to an investment in high-quality interior and exterior signage.  This greatly increases exposure, business volume and customer acquisition – all without spending any additional revenue.


We all know that society is extremely mobile and is increasingly utilizing new technologies to accept messaging.  However, the average vehicle is driven 220 miles per week, for a total of nearly 3 trillion miles of road traveled per year for the entire country.  This equates to an average of over 540 hours of drive time per year per driver. Which means drivers are a captive audience to sign marketing.

In addition, with an ongoing number of households relocating per year, a constant erosion of your established customer base happens.  This continual shift provides an ongoing opportunity to capture new clientele as they relocate to your area.

This is why, in addition to noticeable exterior building signage, vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics are a great way to advertise your business. These turn your car, truck or van into a literal mobile advertisement.


A sign may be observed for later recall or it may prompt an immediate reaction and unplanned stop. The ‘impulse’ trade is often the difference between profitability and business failure.

Purchases that are a result of an unplanned impulse stop are a critical sales component for most businesses.  But, without effective signage, the probability of an impulse stop and purchase is greatly reduced. Also, unlike all other forms of advertising, a business sign is in direct proximity with the business. This allows the impulse to be acted upon with the promise of immediate gratification, either with a physical product or the performance of a service.


The ability of a business to react to changing market conditions is a large component of its success. Traditional advertising requires an outlay of money and time for content creation and redistribution each time the message is changed, and can take days, weeks or months to be put into effect.

A sign can be changed on-demand and at no cost to reflect up-to-the-minute conditions. Adjust immediately to competition, reduce perishable or other unwanted inventory, and take advantage of local trends and news.


A sign is a reflection of its business. It is the very first impression the business will project.  It is a “salesman on the street” that extends the offerings into the vehicles passing by. The sign’s effectiveness is directly related to its visibility, readability and attractiveness. No other single item can enhance the image of the business to more people.

An effective and attractive sign also functions as a tool for branding, increasing the name recognition and awareness of the business to the public. For those drivers that do not convert immediately into a sale, the business name and location are reinforced on every pass.

Are you ready to invest in your business and give it the gift that keeps on giving?  Contact the expert team at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.  From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan