Channel Letters

Channel letters are 3-dimensional letters and are custom made of metal and plastic. Channel letters are commonly illuminated making them visible by day and night. The illumination usually comes from the inside of the letter which allows the light to shine through the plastic sign face. When illumination comes from the back of the letters it is referred to as a “reverse channel letter” or “halo-lit”. By using a combination of these styles you can create elaborate effects to satisfy even the most demanding design requirements. Channel letters also offer the versatility to be made in almost any letter style, height and color. Full color logos and photos can also be incorporated into a channel letter set. The combinations are virtually limitless. And, since channel letters are commonly illuminated with LED lighting, they are energy efficient.

Channel letters can be mounted in a variety of ways: flush to the building or sign structure, freestanding on the edge of a canopy, or placed on a raceway, which is a pre-fabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign. The raceway is then mounted directly to the building. Raceways can easily be removed and placed at a different location and are also popular because they require less building penetrations. Channel letters may also be used on monument and pylon signs to add dimension and style.

mac liquor individual channel letters

Individual Channel Letters

Mount individual letters directly on an exterior wall for a clean look.

continuum channel letters on raceway

Channel Letters on Raceway

Raceways make a sign simple to install, uninstall and relocate for a growing businesses.

Schabel Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters

reverse letters are often halo-lit and provide a very clean modern look.

whole foods halo lit channel letters sign


Halo-Lit letters lighting shines out the back of a reverse channel letter.