Directional & Wayfinding Signage

Directional & Wayfinding

Assist your customers, clients and visitors with directional signage. Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer than not knowing where to go to find the help needed. Large and small companies alike benefit from wayfinding signage on the outside as well as on the inside of their venues. What are your options?

On the Exterior

The post and panel sign setup is one of the most effective signage solutions in a parking lot. Add as many panels as needed to direct motorists and pedestrians alike to the right building or department. Single pole and panel setups are useful when you wish to display arrows with a brief location explanation. Building-mounted aluminum panels offer you the option of displaying your company’s name and logo alongside the directional information you need to communicate.

On the Interior

Once inside, a lobby directory is an invaluable asset for your wayfinding signage setup. Blade signs attached to the ceiling or installed perpendicular to the wall make it possible for the consumer to get oriented while moving through your corridors. Other signage options include floor graphics, sometimes in the forms of footsteps or symbols of the various departments, and also wall graphics that make the locations of departments and specialty areas easier to detect.

Makeup of an Excellent Wayfinding Sign

Design your wayfinding signage with the needs and thought processes of the consumer in mind. For example, if your signs are too detailed, they easily look cluttered and give the visitor information that may not be needed. Whenever possible, opt for the least amount of information that nevertheless still gets the important points across.

Color contrasts are of the essence. Already required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), these contrasts enhance the ease with which visitors to your location can take in the information that you present on the wayfinding signs. The use of symbols is always a great idea. When clarity matters, add more signs. No consumer has ever complained about seeing too many wayfinding signs; that said, plenty have complained when there were not enough of them around.

Commissioning Your Order Today

The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics routinely work with businesses of all sizes to create one, two or entire wayfinding signage suites. We proudly serve the business communities of Kansas City and Lee's Summit, MO; we also work with the companies in and around Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe and Shawnee, KS. Contact us today to get started on your order.