We're here to help. Give us a call 913.469.1500 or fill out our Request a Quote Form and we'll figure out how to get your sign looking good as new! We offer affordable and competitive rates, plus extensive knowledge of almost any industry to ensure that your sign gets the attention it deserves. Even if we didn't create your sign, we're happy to get it in working order again!

Forerunner Signs Maintenance and Repair

Sign Maintenance and Repair

Whether you have L.E.Ds, bulbs, emc boards, neon, or lighting ballasts burnt out, flickering or just wanting to update (retrofit) to energy saving L.E.Ds, we specialize in sign repair, sign maintenance and sign restoration.

Sign Installation and MaintenanceAAA Monument Install

Sign Installation

If you’ve already purchased a sign for your business, trust Forerunner to handle your installation. We’re a business that does more than just take your order, Forerunner is a business that serves as an advisor, guides you through the process, and has open communication about any snags along the way.

Highland Plaza Monument RefurbishTotally Tots LED RetrofitRoyal Funeral LED Retrofit

Sign Refurbish and Retrofit

Time and weather are a sign’s worst enemies. These culprits are typically responsible for making beautiful signs become faded, or damaged. If your sign is starting to look like it could use some TLC, look no further. Update old signs with new technology or a whole new look.  Using elements from your existing signage, Forerunner will repaint, re-face or add illumination using new LED technology to bring new life to your existing sign.