Stand Out on a Shared Monument SignIf your business logo is a part of a larger monument sign outside of a mall, a gas station or shopping complex, the risk of it getting lost in the clutter is a lot higher. To be able to establish an effective relationship with every individual that passes the sign and your business, you want to make sure that it stands out. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your logo doesn’t go unnoticed:

Keeping it Simple

Chances are that your audience will be driving when they pass by your logo on a shared sign. In this situation, your brand typically has about 2-5 seconds to call out to your audience. Unlike popular belief, excessive color and text have higher chances of being completely ignored. The more minimalistic your sign, the easier it will be for it to stand out. Keep your sign as simple as you can while retaining its core qualities and key identifiers.

High Contrast

Studies show that the human eye tends to be attracted to high contrast images. Light text on a dark background is more likely to be visible from a distance and noticed in a clutter of signs. Also take into account the stroke width of your font. Using a fat font will help you increase your visibility, legibility and contrast, allowing your sign to get noticed.

In addition to this, also take context into account. Understand where exactly your sign will be positioned and ask your sign company to design a few different versions to identify the one that stands out the most.