put-your-lobby-signWhen representing or branding your business, lobby signs play a major role in attracting leads. They also greet clients and customers by being the first thing they notice when entering your offices. These signs play a crucial part in creating a lasting impression and make an initial judgment about your business. With quality business signs in Kansas City, companies can experience an uptick in foot traffic and show they have higher standards of business. A good lobby sign should have something that integrates the company’s brand logo, motto and stands out from the competition. Moreover, placing these lobby signs in the right place is necessary to ensure that they perform well and gain the attention of your visitors.

Places to Consider


As the name suggests, an ideal location to place the lobby sign is the lobby itself. The lobby is an area where your clients or customers will enter and there will be a 99% of chance that they will notice the sign. Putting lobby signs at the entrance of your lobby can maximize visibility, so that the visitors can gain a little knowledge about your business when they walk past your door.

Reception Area

If your business has a reception area, it’s the best location to place a lobby sign. Doing so, imparts a warm and welcoming image for your business and shows that you are a hospitable and helpful business to work with.

Waiting Room

Designing a cozy waiting room for your visitors to sit back and relax is a good idea. Displaying a lobby sign designed by a top rated sign company in Kansas City in the waiting room gives a warm first impression about your business. Besides including your company name and logo, you can feature the mission, products, and services of your company to educate your visitors and create a stronger impression about your business.

In addition to these areas, you can also install lobby signs in the hallway to assure your visitors that they are in the right place.