If you are a business owner, you know the importance of positive customer experience.  It’s more than a buzz word or the latest trend in business.  Customer experience is what attracts and retains your customers.  As the owner of Forerunner Signs & Graphics, I am adamant that we provide our current, past and prospective clients with the best customer service, respect and integrity that we can.  Our team is made up of hard-working, experienced individuals who have the talent, heart and compassion to deliver their best on every project.

Why?  Because consumers can tell when you are not authentic.  Consumers do not like to have the wool pulled over their eyes.  Consumers are smart.  If you cheat them, you will pay. The simple fact of the matter is that customers are becoming highly expert at deploying their own internal “anti-spam” filters to deal with every promotion, recruitment and ask coming at them from all directions.

Triggering engagement requires getting past these filters into their active consciousness and the way to do this is to provide content which they find informative, entertaining and/or inspiring. Digital signage offers a cost-effective way to achieve this goal. Here are some key reasons why they provide so much impact for your brand.

They are easy to update

This is probably the single, biggest benefit of digital signage in any environment, particularly retail. Any successful content creator knows that if you want to keep your audience’s attention, you need to keep offering them new material.

Unlike its analogue counterpart, digital signage can be updated whenever you want, literally.  So, if you want to run a lot of short promotions, your digital signage can keep up with you. What’s more, they can be set to loop content so that from the customer’s perspective it is being continually refreshed.

They offer flexibility in how you display your content

Do you want to display text, pictures, video, sound? With digital signage, you can display all of that and adjust it to suit your needs, taste and customer feedback.

They educate customers about what matters to them and why

The exact same product or service can appeal to different customers for different reasons. Interactive digital displays make it possible for customers to focus on the features which matter to them personally and ignore what they find irrelevant.

This makes it much quicker and easier for them to make a buying decision. It also makes it possible for retailers to up-sell other products and services based on the customer’s activity.

They entertain

Don’t judge.  Most adults have an inner child within and is mesmerized with the ability to press buttons and watch what happens. The fact that interactive displays can be used to host a wide variety of content means that there is massive scope for presenting information in a way which also offers a high degree of entertainment value. You can even offer content, which is purely for entertainment, or run competitions to engage customers immediately with the prospect of building a longer-term relationship with them.

They inspire

Many of the most popular social media posts revolve around how to take an item and customize it for your needs; this is particularly true on pictorial platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Digital signage gives retailers the ability to create this style of “infomercial” in their own store. Lifestyle, clothing and beauty retailers are already making use of this to let customers see how the retailer’s products could potentially improve the customer’s life and there are all kinds of other possibilities in other retail areas.

Want to improve your customer engagement and experience?  Contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.  Whether it’s through digital or traditional signage, we are here to help get your business noticed and your customers engaged!  From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan