Everyone knows that exterior signage is important for drawing customers in to a business. But, giving people direction once they’re inside is critical.  Have you ever been to a mall and KNOW that the store you are looking for is there but have no idea which escalator, which direction or even what floor to go to?  And what do you do once you do finally make it to the business or store?  If you are frustrated by the time you get there, you will be less likely to buy anything or recommend their services.


Interior signage, graphics, directional signs…..ANYTHING is better than nothing.  The right interior signage can help improve overall customer experience and in turn, those happy customers will be willing to share their experience with others.  If they are frustrated, lost or not sure where to locate the service or product they desire, they are more likely to share their negative experience with other.  There are so many reasons to outfit your business or organization with ADA-compliant interior signage!


It helps with branding.

Creating a first impression is extremely important. Having custom signs throughout your building, particularly in the lobby or welcome area, helps you to better represent your brand. Aside from the actual messaging and text, you can customize these signs with your logo, slogan, company colors and anything else that you would want people to associate with your brand.

In-house advertisements and information.

Just because you already have customers in the store doesn’t mean you should stop effectively advertising to them. You could, for example, draw your customers’ attention to certain sales or promotions you have going on. If you are placing signs in a medical facility, you could provide people with information about preventing a specific type of illness. There are still plenty of options to give people important information after they have already crossed your threshold.

It helps to improve your overall atmosphere.

Wall graphics, murals and signage can all liven up your space. While there are definitely branding benefits to this as well, it’s simply nice to not have a whole lot of blank, boring and cold walls surrounding your customers and visitors at all times.

It allows you to create a seasonal feel.

Signs can easily be taken down and swapped out for replacements on a regular basis. As a result, you can change the entire feel of your business from season to season simply by changing out your signage!

ADA compliance.

Businesses and building owners are required by federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act to have certain types of signage throughout the building. This includes signage noting handicap accessible areas, bathrooms, changing rooms and more. You cannot ensure your compliance with the ADA unless you work with a specialized provider of signs that fulfill ADA regulations.


If you are not sure whether your interior signage is ADA compliant and working to keep your customers engaged and happy, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.  We love turning drab into fab and helping you retain your current customers and entice prospective ones!

Michael Ryan