Located at 11935 Riley Street, the Bank of Blue Valley’s Overland Park location was in need of an interior signage makeover. This financial institution handles the banking needs of businesses, individuals and those in need of wealth management or mortgage services. When the management team decided to upgrade the look of the interior signage, it contacted Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

Interior Signage Suite

new lobby sign from Forerunner Signs & Graphics
A stunning new lobby sign for The Bank of Blue Valley in Overland Park.

We visited the location and inventoried the areas where signage upgrades were needed. Starting with the office windows, we added frosted vinyl with cut lettering. We used the 3M dusted crystal product for best results. The boardroom needed cut vinyl wall lettering. We relied on the same product but added a diffuser film for a high-quality display.

The ¼-inch white acrylic lobby sign with polished edges rounds out the new look of the venue’s foyer. Visitors now see the display of the company’s values portrayed on the glass surfaces. Words such as “trust,” “flexibility” and “integrity” spell out the expectations clients should have of this financial institution.

The Importance of Interior Signs for Banks in Overland Park

Interior signage from Forerunner Signs & Graphics
The Bank of Blue Valley cleverly added their mission statement to a wall for all to see.

You may not associate the need for branding and marketing with the interior of a financial institution. After all, if clients are visiting this branch, there is a good chance that they have already built a relationship with the bank or have decided to do so on that day. This is not always correct. Due to the highly competitive nature of the financial sector, it is vital for clients to continuously connect with the brand.

Moreover, since the fiscal needs of clients change over the course of the professional relationship, it makes sense for the brand interaction to be consistent. After all, when the client is shopping around for a mortgage, already having a checking account at this bank can make a difference. The consistent exposure to modern marketing may cause the consumer to discuss home financing needs with the banker rather than applying online with a broker.

What are Your Options?

frosted and etched vinyl window graphics from Forerunner Signs and Graphics
Frosted and etched vinyl window graphics provide plenty of privacy for the conference room.

Lobby signs and window graphics for banks in Overland Park, KS, bespeak the business philosophy of the bank and its branches. Whether the branch actively caters to the small business community, to the local home buyer or to the corporate giant in the neighboring business park, the signage that you install will determine whether these potential clients choose your institution for their banking needs. The trick here is to present your bank as a business that is on the cutting edge of financial product trends.

Updating Your Signage with Forerunner Signs & Graphics

Outdated signage or products that have been around for so long that the edges are frayed and the material has been damaged by sun exposure and those bumping into it should be recycled as soon as possible. We recommend an annual signage evaluation that allows the management team to compare its signage solutions to those currently in use by the closest competitor. We gladly visit you for a site evaluation and offer you suggestions on the products that you might have overlooked and on those that have upgraded their technologies for a more advantageous display option at your branch.