signage-a-good-investment-for-your-small-businessBusiness signs in Kansas City serves as a fishing jig that targets and attract customers who pass by your store or company every day. A well-crafted and attention grabbing business sign can draw the attention of your customers and gives a positive impression that your business is worth consideration. Many studies state that one street sign or A-Frame outside of a business can increase sales up to 30%. In this blog, we will discuss why signage is the best practice to boost the sales of small businesses.

Geographic Location

Whether you are running a small business or a retail store, getting a business sign acts as a guidepost which directs customers to your place of business. Moreover, it also has the ability to attract new customers in your location and improves conversion.

Brand Image

A perfectly carved business sign conveys the voice of your business and foretells the promise of your brand. It also speaks loud about the high standards your business possesses. So, it’s always important to create a business sign that is neat and bright without any spell errors and damages.

Special Events

If you are hosting a special event for your business or offering a special product, putting up a business sign on your company premises gives clear cut information about the event or the product to your clients or customers.

Stay Ahead of Competition

According to the Small Business Association, “The average business gets up to 50% of their sales from signage, 85% from within 5 miles.” This means, installing a well-built sign on your premises can boost sales up to 50% and attracts most of the local customers towards your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start putting up business signs on your premises by choosing Forerunner Signs & Graphics, the best sign company in Kansas City to increase your annual revenue by at least 5%.