If you’re in the market for attention-grabbing signage, there are a variety of reasons why LED illuminated signs could be the best choice for you.  Choosing a sign can be a task that requires extensive thinking. With so many different types of signs, how would you know if lighted signs are the way to go?

What is LED?

If you’re going to invest in an LED sign, you might want to know what it means. LED stands for light-emitting diode.  It is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electrical current passes through it.   But, enough about the technical jargon.  Leave that to the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.  More important, what are the benefits of LED illuminated signs for your business?


A LED illuminated sign provides shock value, which means people are bound to turn their heads and pay attention, regardless of the time of day. That gives you a wonderful chance to stand out from the competition. Your sign is a reflection of your business, and illuminated signs convey elegance and professionalism.


LED illuminated signs use about 80% less energy than other lighted signs, which helps you reduce energy costs. LED lighted signs are also great because they release no toxic gases that could be harmful to the environment.


LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours, which means they will brighten up your brand for quite some time. Additionally, since they don’t leak any type of harmful gas, they will also remain as bright as the first day during their lifespan.

If your business is in need of exterior and/or interior signage, LED illuminated signs could be what you need.  If you are not sure if LED is the way to go, contact the experts at Forerunner!  From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!

Michael Ryan