Channel Letters

Is your business easily noticeable? Channel Letters from an experienced sign company are a great way to improve business visibility.

Business competition nowadays is more intense than ever. When you have so many surrounding businesses to compete with, standing out from the rest of the players is an ongoing challenge. Similarly, if you operate during the nighttime, pedestrians and drivers can easily miss your facility in the dark. In either case, custom channel letters are an ideal solution. Let’s find out how custom channel letters add value to your business:

They Immediately Capture Attention

If you’re located in a busy business street with every business trying to grab shoppers’ attention, you can’t rely on ordinary signage. With an average signage, your business will be lost among others. To make your business facility standout and apart, you must think out-of-the-box. Custom channel letters do just that. The three-dimensional nature of separated letters makes them unique, so that it immediately captures attention, no matter how crowded the street is.

Highly Customizable

Just because custom channel letters include letters doesn’t mean you can’t personalize them. You can choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors and can incorporate punctuation, numbers, and symbols to align them to your brand strategy. Plus, you also have choice for the material you want to use, depending on the illumination you’re using. All in all, you can achieve the exact design you have in mind.

Illumination Sign

Different Illumination Options

 The performance of custom channel letters at night is simply unmatched. This is made possible by the different illumination options they come with. They include:

Front lit:  This is the most common illumination method. Front-lit channel letters feature an acrylic face, aluminum back and returns (sides) and trim caps. The interior of letter makes use of LED modules to ensure extraordinary visibility.

Back Lit: These signs make use of metal l faces rather than acrylic and aluminum returns. Letters are kept at least 1.5 inch apart so as to create a halo effect around the perimeter of each character. Since they produce a classy look, they’re ideal for organizations looking to convey soft image.

Open Face: This is a type of illumination relies on neon lighting where the letter faces are exposed. While these channel letters produce brighter lighting, they are restricted by law in some regions.

Specialty Signs: These channel letters feature a unique design that perfectly fits your signage needs. They comprise of a balanced mix of color changing neon lights, LEDs, perforated returns, new letter colors, and other elements you may want to add.

Highly Visible

No matter how dark it is or how fast a driver is travelling, they won’t be able to miss a large, illuminated custom channel letter sign. Restaurants using striking channel letters are able to drive impulsive visits for this reason.

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If you want to make the most out of custom channel letters for your business, rely on the right sign company for the design.

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Michael Ryan