Vehicle Graphics

Are you looking to maximize your brand reach? Leverage custom vehicle graphics from your local sign company.

Whether you’re a recently launched startup or an established firm operating for a while now, building brand awareness is the key to achieving business success. No matter how amazing your product or service may be, if your customers aren’t aware that you exist, your sales won’t increase. There are plenty of ways to get your brand out there, but nothing matches the effectiveness of custom vehicle graphics. This guide explains why you should use them for your business.


While other signage options will stay where you install them, custom vehicle graphics serve as mobile billboards. Because they’re wrapped onto your business fleet, they’ll go wherever your vehicles take them. Other signs depend on others to come to them for exposure, while custom vehicle graphics move toward your target audience, so it’s understandable why they help you reach wider audiences.

Vehicle Graphic

High Number of Impressions

Custom vehicle graphics generate the highest number of impressions after digital ads. A single vehicle graphic generates 30,000 t0 70,000 impressions each day, and boosts your brand recognition 15 times more than other forms of marketing. Plus, your vehicles don’t need to be constantly moving to market your brand. Park it in a crowded area such as outside a popular shopping mall and the vehicle wraps will do their job.

Cost Effective Advertising Solution

After realizing the value vehicle wraps deliver, you might be expecting to pay a hefty cost for them. To your surprise, vehicle wraps offer the best rate of return on your advertising investment. Compare its cost per thousand impressions (CPM) with other that for other forms of advertising and you’ll realize that it’s remarkably inexpensive. While the average cost of all forms of billboard ads is $2.18 per CPM, custom vehicle graphics cost $0.77 per CPM.

Great for Local Advertising

If you want to target the local audience, there’s no better solution than custom vehicle wraps. All you need to do to reach local audiences is to run your branded vehicles in and around your town or city. When people see your fleet two to three times, they’ll come to recognize your business and perceive it as an established, reputable company. A time will come when they’ll note down your business information from your vehicle graphics and get in touch to partner up. If you get everything right, especially the design, your brand will be at the top of their mind when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

Contact Your Local Sign Company

These were some of the reasons to consider using custom vehicle graphics for your business. As long as you stay consistent with them, the solution will help you achieve skyrocketing business growth. An experienced, reliable signage company can design the exact design you have in mind.

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Michael Ryan