Are you looking for custom illuminated signs to light up your storefront? Here is why you should invest in illuminated custom channel letters!

Channel letters are a popular choice for storefront signs. They are big, bold, and 3 dimensional signs that you see outside shopping malls, stores, pharmacies, etc. Channel letters are designed individually and placed side by side to spell out the name of any building or business.

Channel letters are simply hard to miss, but what makes them even more effective at attracting customers is the option of illumination. Illuminated letters attract people passing by your store to check out your business and products and services that you offer. They look very professional and create a great and lasting impression of your store.

Keep reading as we discuss the benefits of illuminated channel letters in further detail below!

Greater Visibility

Besides their big and bold design, channel letters can also be illuminated, which plays a huge role in increasing their visibility. The illumination keeps your sign visible through both day and night. Channel letters can be illuminated in two ways: front-lit letters or back-lit channel letters.

Front-lit channel letters are more frequently used than back-lit illumination. The channel letters are covered on the front with an acrylic surface. Under the acrylic front, light bulbs are placed, which illuminate the letters from the inside out. The surface of the channel letters can be either colored or clear as per your preference. The letters are covered with aluminum on the back.

On the other hand, back-lit channel letters work in the opposite way. The aluminum covers the front of the letter while the backing is covered with clear acrylic. Back-lit channel letters are illuminated from behind. They create a soft and dim glow. They are also called reverse-lit or halo-lit signs.

Customization Options

One of the best qualities of channel letter signs is that they are easy to customize. This gives you the liberty to design a sign, however you want. You can create a unique sign for your storefront by choosing different colors, designs, fonts, illumination, sizes, etc. You should hire a professional sign company to help you create a professional customized sign for your storefront.

Energy Efficiency

Along with increasing the visibility of your store and creating a brand identity, custom channel letters are also extremely energy efficient. You might be thinking how could an illuminated sign be energy efficient. Well, LED lights are your answer. Custom channels are illuminated using LED lights that are highly energy efficient.

Enhanced Brand Identity

Channel letters also greatly help with your store’s brand identity. Your sign becomes a symbol of your business, and over time, your customers start feeling a sense of familiarity with it.The 3-D design and illumination of channel letters make them identifiable even from a considerable distance.

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Michael Ryan