Custom Monument Signs

Are you thinking of getting a custom monument sign for your business? Here’s all that you need to know about them!

If you’re not sure which sign will be the right fit for representing your company, then let us recommend custom monument signs. They are unique, highly visible, and give the impression to viewers that your business is professional, established, and here to stay.

There are several types of monuments signs, such as:

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of monument signs for businesses!

Reach the Local Community

If you run a local business, community center, or church, then your potential customers are within your five-mile radius. This means you need to invest in marketing tools that are on-ground and out there. Instead of investing money in advertisements that don’t bring much value, you can focus on a sign that the locals will notice while going about their day. Monument signs really stand out, and there is no way the locals don’t notice your business once it’s up.

Consistent Representation

To earn a trusting reputation in your community, you need to be consistent with your presence. A monument sign is a great way of sending out a message to your community that you’re here to serve them for a long time. These signs quickly develop a sense of familiarity in the locals.  

Cost-Effective Advertising

Custom monuments signs offer free 24/7 advertisement for your brand. It’s a one-time cost, and you reap its benefits for several years.  Radio, newspaper, and TV ads are efficient, but they cost a lot, and the campaign doesn’t run for very long either.

With a monument sign, you’ll have a permanent advertisement that will continue bringing new customers to your business for several years to come. That is why custom monument signs are very cost-efficient. They are a strong marketing tool, especially for local businesses that want to target potential customers in the local community.

Target Different Demographics

What makes monument signs truly unique is that they are for all. Regardless of the demographics of age, gender, profession, etc., a monument reaches everyone and is simple to interpret. A single glance at the sign sends the message to people that your business is here and open to serve them. Moreover, once it becomes a common sight, people will always come to you when they need the services or products that your business offers.

Hire a Local Sign Company!

Hire a professional sign company to design a custom monument sign that accurately represents your business. Monument signs last for decades, and it’s best to leave the work to professionals.

Are you looking for a professional sign company for custom monument signs in Lenexa, KS? Check out our website here.

Michael Ryan