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What are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs are signs that are useful for directing newcomers or outsiders to the right locations. Newcomers who are unaware of which rooms to go to can take advantage of these signs and attend meetings on time. This way they can refrain from wasting time asking for directions.  

Lobby signs are basically signs that can make life easier for people who are late for meetings, conferences, etc.

Why are Lobby Signs Important for Your Business?

Lobby signs can benefit every organization and business. They can provide better use of the empty walls in your reception area or lobby or entrance area. They can make functional use of the empty space in your office area and make your office more helpful to newcomers.

Lobby signs are specifically useful when an event is taking place. Newcomers that don’t know where to go can make use of those signs and direct people to the right rooms and halls.

These signs are equally useful in a university, a hotel, an auto dealership, and a retail store. Whatever enterprise your business is in, your can make great use of the lobby signs.

Types of Lobby Signs

There are several types of lobby signs you can use depending on what they’re being used for.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic is known for being shiny and crispy. These types of letters are best for a special event within a hotel or a hall that is hosting a casual affair. These custom letters can be printed and custom painted to match your branding the way you want. There are several different mounting methods which can produce the effect you want.

Illuminated Lobby Signs

This is an offering which is great for the most casual events which require a lot of quick marketing. These signs can be put in the lobby to attract people passing through who don’t have prior knowledge of the event. These are back lit lobby signs which give off a feeling of elegance and fun. LED lights can often be used for these signs.

Metal Letters

Metal letters are used for the most elite and classy of events. They can be constructed to match the types of marketing materials you’re using in your brochures or internet ads. These signs can be used for specific conferences or meetings which are hosting VIP clientele or customers.

Lobby Plaques

Lobby plaques are very commonly acrylic, but can be opaque as well. Lobby plaques are usually used for permanent directions or labels. This is a major investment which needs to stay for a long time. However, plaques can be relocated more easily than individual letters as well. This is why lobby plaques are a good investment.  

Get the Best Lobby Signs from Forerunner Signs and Graphics

Lobby signs are a dime a dozen, but getting the right ones isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you want quality lobby signs made with quality materials, you should contact Forerunner Signs and Graphics.