It’s official.  The New Year is in full swing and it’s a good time to check out your company’s signage to see if it has met your expectations for effectiveness.  If it hasn’t, now is the time to setup a budget to get your signs updated.  Not sure where to start?

Below are some things to consider when evaluating your signage: 

If you find your sign to be slightly out of date, often a fix can be both quick and inexpensive, requiring just a resurface of your current sign without having to completely replace it.

The appearance of your sign is a reflection of the whole company.  If it is worn or fading, your customers will see a company that is worn out or one that doesn’t care about the work they do.  Color is one of the most effective ways of getting the attention of your customers.  If your sign’s color suddenly looks dull, your customers will start to disassociate “your” color with your company.

A sign that is uninteresting is…uninteresting.  If you want potential customers to take notice of your product or service, they must notice your sign.  More important, a customer should be able to look at your sign and know what business you are in.

Adding additional signage can vastly improve your bottom line, especially if you are in retail sales.  Customers often buy on impulse, so having signs that showcase products that you want to clear out or that you want to be big sellers is very important.  If you don’t have any wall space to add additional signs, think about window graphics.  This is often an overlooked resource of businesses.


At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, our experienced team will evaluate your signage and provide cost-effective recommendations on signs that will not only work for, but boost your business.  We pride ourselves in high-quality products, exceptional customer service and options to meet all budgets.  Contact the experts at Forerunner!  From concept, to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way!