trade-show-display-graphicsCreating a positive impression is of utmost importance to any business. First impressions often determine the future prospect of a company.  Trade show booths are no exception. Every single detail counts, especially the graphics incorporated in your trade show displays. Here are some tips to make your trade show display graphics stand out:

1. Hire the Right Professional:

An experienced professional will have knowledge on the technicalities associated with graphics such as vector art, resolution, PMS color and more. Do thorough research, get customer reviews and choose the best professional if you don’t want to compromise the quality of your display.

2. Size and Scale Equally Matters:

Graphics always have to be big, but pay attention to the scale. Discuss with your graphics designer and ensure that the graphics will fit the scale and that the quality doesn’t deteriorate.

3. Image Quality is Important:

Both the logo of your company and the graphics have to be displayed in higher resolutions.  Always use native or original graphics. Plus, it’s clever to use raw image for your logo rather than taking it from your business card.

4. Color can do Wonders:

Looking for that ideal color is vital. There are an endless number of colors available, but always try to maintain a balance. Consider your company logo and designs, making the appropriate choice of colors that blend with them perfectly. In the end, it must be easy to read while being attractive.

5. Choosing the Right Font:

While it’s cool to look for decorative fonts that make your displays attractive, always try to make it simple and legible. No one should have to guess what is written on your display, hence make the texts readable for instant understandability.

Trade show displays is the doorway to let in new customers. To convey what your business is all about in the most striking way, hire a professional who has a good track record of creating amazing trade show display graphics.