Suite Signs Kansas City MO
Suite signs
mark the gear/staff room.

Located at 42938 West 64th Street in Henrietta, which is a short 36 miles east of Kansas City, MRVS Skydiving makes your dream of (almost) flying come true. Static line jumps, tandems and other programs are available to first-timers, students and seasoned skydivers alike. With its soaring popularity, the company decided to do some signage makeovers. In Kansas City, MO, and in its surrounding areas, this is a common practice for companies that strive to remain relevant to a changing target demographic. To get some help with this process, the company’s management team contacted the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

Rebranding for Enhanced Brand Awareness and Name Recognition

Office Signs Kansas City MO
Another sign marks their offices

After meeting with MRVS Skydiving’s management team, we focused on four distinct signage products. We started with the office signs. A company that uses airplanes and offers precision planning as its service must show the same type of dedication via its sign suite. We created MaxMetal print signs that are router cut. The metal and black look is chic and imbues the space with a high-tech atmosphere. One of these signs leads into the skydiving training center.

A conference room, this training area features attractive full-length windowpanes. To give the look better visual definition we added frosted window graphics using the 3M dusted crystal product. The material displays the logo as well as the company’s name. The crisp edges of the design are attractive and perfectly blend in with the look of the new office signs. We did not stop there. Next, it was time to add exterior signage products to the lineup. Two custom-printed directional signs combine aluminum with laminate for wayfinding. These we mounted with posts to let motorists find their way around the area easily.

Another sign is a custom printed billboard that is two-sided. Metal treated with a laminate is encased in a vinyl sign frame. We used four by four wood posts and rebar buried in concrete. This sign features the breathtaking view from the air and displays the company’s name. It functions as a monument sign but also entices the visitor to take a closer look at the possibilities that this sport opens up. It is fair to say that this is the ideal display for this type of business.

Post and panel signs Kanas City MO
Their post and panel sign is easy to see!

Redoing Your Signage for New Appeal

Etched and Frosted Glass Window Graphics Kansas City MO
Frosted vinyl graphics applied to office windows

There is little doubt that this small change to the company’s overall setup will have a huge impact on its customer base. The skydiving operation now brands as a highly modern and high-tech outfit with a vision for the fun of the sport but also the careful planning that goes into each jump.

Exterior wayfinding signs Kansas City MO
A great wayfining sign leads students to the site!

No matter what your business may be all about, it is possible to communicate just as effectively with your signage solutions. Whether you need to redo your banners, building signs, interior markers or monuments, our professionals can help. Do you need help with rebranding signage for your business in or around Kansas City, MO? We also install them. Call our experts today to learn more about the design process and how to get started on your rebranding.

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