Located at 4116 Dr. Greaves Road, Nordco mobile railcar movers are famous for their roadway work equipment and rail services. As visionaries in their field, the company succeeded at manufacturing the first all-electric conveyance that exceeds a weight of 70,000 pounds. Termed the “Shuttlewagon,” this technology combines fast charging abilities with regenerative braking and zero emissions. Now, the company wants to show off the Shuttlewagon in its best light. They contacted the graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics to make this happen with Shuttlewagon graphics!

Shuttlewagon Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Grandview, MO

Shuttlewagon Vehicle Wraps Grandview MO

Nordco liked the idea of using a wrap product to dress up the technology and provide informative lettering for onlookers. The company’s management team designed a simple base look that it asked us to expand on. We proposed the use of additional graphics as well as a lettering combination that imbued the project with some advertisement properties.

Industrial Vehicle Wraps Grandview MO

Since the Shuttlewagon travels across the United States to railroad conventions where potential consumers for this product see it, the marketing message must be superb yet tasteful. We used a high-quality vinyl wrap product with an overlam and installed the wrap onsite. Attractive colors set off the lettering, which contains the marketing message. The company’s name and logo are easily visible on the sides. We incorporated niche-specific graphics to highlight the electric aspects of the Shuttlewagon. The resulting look brings out the sleek lines of the design and reveals what may not be visible to the naked eye.

Industrial Vehicle Wraps

Promotional Vehicle Wraps Grandview MO

This signage product is just one example of the effectiveness that industrial vehicle wraps bring to your business. Although most companies already know that using this product is an excellent solution for a mobile marketing approach that benefits a retailer or service provider, industrial use is only now increasing. While these numbers are growing, you still have the opportunity of being one of the ground breakers in this display setting.

Vehicle Wraps for Industrial Vehicles

Doing so sets you apart as an innovator and clever marketer rolled into one. You present your company in a manner that few others are thinking of doing. As a result, you succeed at positioning your business at the forefront of likely consumers’ minds when presenting heavy equipment, truck haulers and similar vehicles to the public. Wraps can be colorful, feature lettering and provide information on the services that set you apart from your competition. When using this marketing technology with a fleet of vehicles, you exponentially increase the exposure of your company’s message.

Commissioning Your Wrap

Vehicle Graphics for Industrial Companies in Grandview MO

Industrial vehicle wraps and graphics in Grandview, MO, are different from those ordered by retailers (for example). Your message focuses on a special set of capabilities and skill sets. Our experienced graphic artists will work with your management team to create the ideal communication that the vehicle will display. Opt for one message that highlights your services or simply market your business as a whole. We assist you with the design of a wrap, make color selection suggestions and install the product on site when needed. We can also treat an entire fleet of vehicles – even if they are dissimilar in design and size. Contact us today to get started on the process.
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