Building management companies know that being competitive is a crucial aspect of having their facilities filled. Achieving this calls for top-rated amenities, excellent suite setups and rental agreements that suit tenants. Yet did you know that office signs are another major factor in this equation? There are four office signs that no management company should overlook.

1. Lobby Sign

office lobby signs
The lobby sign is a must-do!

When you manage an office building, add a lobby sign to your list of must have markers for the location. Whether it is the building’s location or the actual name of the company that handles the management, having this information proudly displayed on the focal wall serves a two-fold purpose.

First, it grounds the look of a large lobby and provides a direction to the visitor. Secondly, it brands and markets your company. Even if you simply use the building’s name or address, having it displayed in the font of your company’s lettering – or with your lettering right underneath – results in effective co-branding.

2. Suite Signs

suite signs help guide clients
Guide clients with suite signs!

What do visitors to your building see? Is there a hodgepodge of suite signs that line the walls of the corridors? Avoid this mishmash of looks by providing tenants with a frame suite sign that allows for the insertion of a customized metal or acrylic sheet. Doing so keeps the hallway’s looking nice and uniform. It also allows you to foster a professional atmosphere inside your building. This type of mood relies on the use of colors, textures and materials.

3. Restroom Signs

restroom signs alert customers
Let clients know where the restrooms are!

Do visitors to your building have a difficult time with locating the amenities? Whether you house law firms, physicians’ offices or members of the financial sector, making wayfinding in your building a snap benefits all niches. On floors where public restrooms are located, it is imperative that you display tastefully done signage pointing to these amenities. Remember that this calls for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

4. EVAC Maps

ensure safety with evacuation maps
Evacuation maps ensure safety.

Among all office building signs for Overland Park, KS, this one is vital for public safety. It helps everyone inside your building to safely evacuate the location if needed. In addition, you provide directions to the various ways that it is possible to exit the building even if there is no emergency. Some visitors to your venue may not even realize that you offer two parking lots and entrance doors.

Getting Started on Your Signage Order

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we understand that outfitting your buildings with all the right signs can sound like a daunting process. For this reason, our experts offer management companies the option of coming out and taking signage inventories. We look at what you already have and customize a proposal for the markers that you still need.

Making your premises user-friendly and staying in compliance with the ADA has never been simpler. Call us today to schedule your site evaluation. In addition to providing you with a listing of must-have markers, we also discuss with you material options and the various display choices that greatly enhance the mood you are seeking to set inside your building.