Floor Graphics

Have you ever thought about using your store’s floor for marketing purposes? If not, you need to check out the benefits of using custom floor graphics by a local sign company!

Multipurpose custom floor graphics can be used to promote anything ranging from a core business value to a special sale. You can even use custom floor graphics to tell your customers about your business or to direct customers to the latest products. Moreover, custom floor graphics can even be used to decorate your store. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, custom floor graphics offer limitless possibilities for interior design, marketing, branding, and more.

By using custom floor graphics in your business, you can leverage the numerous benefits they provide. From enhancing customer experience to increasing sales, floor graphics can really make your business stand out. Here is a list of advantages of using custom floor graphics by a local sign company.

Attract Attention

When you use floor graphics, your advertisements easily stand out. This is particularly true if you place them in unexpected places. For instance, you can place them in areas where there is plenty of foot traffic or where people usually make queues. You can even place custom floor graphics at the entrance of your store, on the stairs, or inside elevators.

If you plan on using custom floor graphics in multiple places, you can use the same graphics. The consistency will help people recognize your brand more easily.


Affordability is one of the major benefits of custom floor graphics. They are cost-effective and durable to work as a long-term advertising option. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this advertising method.

Work as Excellent Wayfinding Signs

Custom floor decals or floor graphics even work as excellent wayfinding signs. Customers tend to get quite frustrated when they’re unable to find a particular route. Thus, having floor graphics that direct customers will prove really helpful for them.

Unlike most types of signage, custom floor graphics don’t take up any extra room. So you can simply install them in any place without blocking the passage.

Unique Presence

Custom floor graphics are a unique way to promote your brand. They are an innovative and unparalleled advertising solution that are perfect for any events or promotions.

Custom floor graphics adds a distinctive touch to your floor and creates an optical illusion that attracts plenty of people to view your message.

At the same time, creative floor graphics enhance your brand image and help people remember your ads.


The name custom floor graphics indicate that you can design this signage according to your choice. You can pick your own image, choose from a range of stunning colors with matching borders of your choice, etc. When you creatively use custom floor graphics, people can easily recall your message.

Last Few Words

At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we can make excellent custom floor graphics for your business.

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Michael Ryan