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Signage is an important aspect for the success of a business. Choosing the right signage that can capture the attention of passersby and help your brand stand out is a crucial step for any business owner. If you’re also a business owner, unsure of what kind of signage to choose to promote your business, let us tell you, Custom channel letter signs are the best choice for you.

Channel letter signs are a unique type of signage. They are made up of individual characters: letters or numbers, where each character is a sign in itself. They are 3 dimensional and protrude from the mounting surface. They vary in color, shape, and size and can be customized according to business requirements.

Let’s get to know more about channel letter signs!

Types of Channel Signs

Channel signs can be categorized into three types depending on the lighting or illumination being used in their design.

  1. Face Illuminated or Front-Lit Channel Letter Signs

These are the most common types of letter signs. As the name suggests, in these signs, the light shines through the translucent, acrylic face and from within the  letters.

  1. Halo or Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Halo channel letter signs or reverse-lit signs are signs where the light appears from the back of the signs and floats on the wall. Their installation is a little different from the other signs, as, during installation, spacers are used to create the halo effect. Because of them, the light appears from the back, outlining the shape of the characters.

  1. Combination-Lit Channel Letters

Combination-lit channel letter signs are also known as front/back-lit channel letter signs. As obvious from their name, they use both halo and face illumination for the double effect. This allows their sign to be highlighted among the others.

Benefits of Using Channel Letter Signs

  1. Brand Awareness

Channel letter signs are the best way to promote your brand. Due to their design and their illumination feature, channel letter signs allow your brand to stand out. They are an amazing marketing tool for businesses as they highlight your business to hundreds of passersby every day and are great at capturing audience attention.

  1. Can be Placed Outdoors and Indoors

One great thing about channel letter signs is that they are versatile. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors. While we commonly see businesses using channel letter signs on the exterior of the building to highlight their name, some businesses like hotel lobbies and restaurants use these signs inside as well.

  1. One time Investment

Channel letter signs are known for their longevity. You only have to pay for their design and installation once; otherwise, they are low maintenance. They are durable and easily withstand weather conditions like extreme winds and rain.

  1. Eco-friendly

You may not know this, but channel letter signs are eco-friendly and the best option for businesses that are looking into going green. Since they use LED bulbs to light up, they are energy efficient, and longevity proves their quality of being environmentally-friendly

Channel letter signs are the best option for businesses looking for a cost-effective promotion tool to increase their brand visibility and awareness among their target audience. Contact us today to book your appointment with us. We make custom channel letter signs for all businesses!

Michael Ryan