Dimensional letter lobby sign

Are you looking for a local sign company to deliver the best custom lobby signs? Here is everything that you need to know!

Custom lobby signs are used in the hallways or near the reception of most workplaces. These signs usually represent the name of the company and are installed in the waiting area or at the entrance. Custom lobby signs are an opportunity for companies and businesses to represent their brand the best way they can. These signs become significant representatives of the brand’s identity. Therefore, they should reflect the overall branding of the company.

Let’s learn more about custom lobby signs below!

Different Sizes

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a local sign company to design and install your lobby sign is that they can accommodate almost any requirements that you have. If you want your lobby sign to be big and prominent and a primary representative of your company’s name, then the sign company can create a bold and attractive sign that grabs the onlooker’s attention right away.

If you want the lobby sign to be small and a simple representative of your company, then this requirement can also be easily accommodated.

Different Materials

A professional sign company can create a custom lobby sign from your choice of material. You can order a metal sign or a wood-engraved sign. You can also choose plastic and acrylic options. Depending on your requirements for durability and visibility, the sign company can recommend options that best meet those needs. There are several premium as well as budget-friendly options that you can explore for your custom lobby sign.

Different Designs

The customization options for lobby signs are vast and many. You can talk to the designing team of a local sign company and tell them about your vision for the sign. Then, they can create a customized sign that is the exact representation of what you need. You can choose any shape, color, and design for your lobby sign, and the sign company will accommodate all those requirements and create a sign for you. The professional sign company will also offer to install the signs for you, so you don’t have to worry about that separately.

Hire a Professional Sign Company!

A professional local sign company can create customized lobby signs and other types of signage and graphics for your company. They have years of experience in designing and installing customized signs, and they’ll accommodate all your requirements conveniently. If you’re looking for a local sign company for custom lobby signs in Olathe, KS, then contact us now by visiting our website here!

Michael Ryan