Damaged Signs

Want to refurbish your old business sign? Contact Forerunner Signs and Graphics for reliable and expert sign refurbishment and repair services!

Business signs play a crucial part in creating a first impression and appealing to your targeted customer base. After all, a well-crafted sign can bring in a lot of customers to your doorsteps. However, that same sign can leave a bad impression of your brand on potential customers’ minds if you don’t maintain it. A broken sign can cause significant damage to your business.

Refurbish Your Sign

Time and weather are the two culprits that target outdoor signs and eventually wear them down. Your sign could be missing a letter, may not be lighting up like it used to, or might just need a little polishing. Whatever the case, you must get your sign refurbished right away.

Forerunner Signs and Graphics can refurbish and repair all sorts of business signs for you. Whether you have an LED sign, channel letters, a neon sign, or an aluminum sign, we will repair your signage so that it is as good as new.  

Here are some reasons why you should trust Forerunner Signs and Graphics to repair your sign for you:

We Will Ensure Safety

When it comes to repairing an old sign, you have to deal with many safety concerns. For instance, if your sign is affixed to the side of your building and is at a certain height, then a DIY job poses the risk of falling via the restoration job. Similarly, repairing an electrical sign poses the risk of electrical fires and more. You certainly don’t want to put yourself through that danger unnecessarily.

This is why it’s better to hire a professional sign company to do the repair job. We have the right gear needed to protect ourselves while repairing your sign. We also have extensive knowledge, experience, and skills that will enable us to avoid the dangers involved with fixing your signage.

We Will Get the Job Done Effectively

The best part about hiring a professional sign repair company like Forerunner Signs and Graphics is that we know how to perform the sign repair and refurbishment job as quickly and effectively as possible. All you have to do is tell us what you want your repaired sign to look like and we will get to work right away. This will enable you to benefit from your refurbished sign quickly.

We Have the Equipment Needed to Refurbish Your Sign

Some types of signage require complex tools and equipment to be fixed. If you don’t have the right equipment, then you might not be able to repair the sign correctly, which will only add to your overall costs and become far too time-consuming. Instead, if you hire Forerunner Signs and Graphics, you can rest assured that we will have all the right tools and equipment needed to fix your signs as effectively as possible.

We Can Give You Invaluable Professional Signage Recommendations

Another great benefit of hiring Forerunner Signs and Graphics for your sign repair job is that we have the invaluable experience needed to give you the right advice to boost your repaired sign’s durability. We can also guide you toward the right signage equipment for your sign and recommend more signage ideas for your business.

If you want a  fantastic sign repair and refurbishment service, then contact Forerunner Signs and Graphics today!

Michael Ryan